TWINS Part Two {12.10.2017}

If you read my last post, you know that there was a bit of exciting news! TWINS! Yay! Here’s part two of that story … Daddy’s Reaction!

1+1=2+3=5 … I’m still having a difficult time wrapping my head around this little addition problem! And that’s the most basic math I’ve done since our oldest started grade school. We are about to make a huge jump from three to five kiddos and four of those are going to be under 3 years old.

You probably have an urge to start saying prayers for us and that is totally okay and appreciated. Specific prayers would be that our oldest embraces his role as the oldest, our Little’s will accept the fact that they’re *both* about to be middle children and that they’d decide to potty train successfully! Otherwise, we’re going to have four Clark kids in diapers. The pocketbook is NOT ready for that.

Now, we left off with my reaction when I learned we were having two “Baby Cows” instead of one. I’ll pick up here where Mister C had the news broken to him.

As soon as we saw the ultrasound screen, Dr. P asked if I wanted to FaceTime my hubs. I sarcastically laugh-cry explained that I had a Samsung and he had an iPhone and probably some other nonsense and that I’d just go tell him immediately after leaving her office.

On the way out to the mamavan, I thought of clever ways I should tell the once again expectant daddy-0 he’s getting two more offspring … without sending him into cardiac arrest. The only thing I could clearly think was to type out, “I need you to meet me at the gate at work. It’s about my appointment.”

Little did I know, my man was mentally preparing a miscarriage speech as he awaited my arrival. We have experienced loss in miscarriage before our oldest was conceived then again between the first and second boys and those were just as hard on his heart as they were on mine. He assumed that since I needed to come see him, we had lost our pregnancy and I didn’t want to tell him over the phone. Makes me appreciate his sensitive side, because he was prepping his heart as he prepared himself to comfort mine.

Little did HE know, I had bigger news than he was prepared for. When I arrived in the parking lot, I hit the “Record” button on my phone camera so that I could catch his surely overwhelmed reaction. His reaction was hilarious but it probably won’t be portrayed as hilarious with me typing it out, so don’t be offended!

My man, with worried eyes, got in the front seat of the mamavan with M and O in the back hollering “Hey, Daddy, Hey!!” I wanted Miller to tell his daddy exactly what the doctor saw … we had even practiced saying “Mama has TWO Baby Cows in her belly!” But he could only get out, “I want to go swimming at the beach,” or something along those lines. HA! Oh to be a toddler again.

Since my plan of the adorable toddler telling our news was a bust, I handed the ultrasound printout to my husband as he kind of gasped / laughed / sighed / questioned what exactly he was seeing. When he realized there were two little peanuts and not just one, he just started shaking his head and saying, “No, no, no, no, no, no… Why, why, why, why, why, why???” He also was making some crazy growling sound and I clearly remember asking him if he was just going to keep growling. Haha. Like I said, his reaction was probably not the best first reaction, but I’m pretty sure his thought process immediately veered off to “how in the world are we going to afford FIVE kids.. FOUR in diapers?!” Because that’s what most men do, they analyze the money side of things and then process the rest. I have it all on a recording on an SD card that I need to go ahead and upload to YouTube to have forever.

I’m pretty sure as we left his work he had a little internal breakdown, but he was sure to snap a photo of the ultrasound before we left so he could let it soak in and also show the guys what the big deal was about meeting me at the gate so suddenly. I’m also pretty sure I remember him not wanting to talk to me for about three days after *the news* and every time he looked at me he grumbled out, “Urgh, twins.” HAHA. {Babies, if you read this in the future, your daddy DOES love you and is so excited for your arrival!! He’s even trying to stay on the up & up with the newest products!}

As much as we wanted to keep this news to ourselves for as long as possible, we decided to go ahead and tell our families. I’ll be honest because by this point I really don’t remember if anyone except for a few of our friends that we see in person on a daily basis knew we were expecting. I know we didn’t tell anyone we were pregnant when we came for my niece’s birthday party in August, so I’m thinking we held off until after finding out there were twins?! I’m sure my mama will remind me once she reads this!

{It was kind of humorous seeing my social networking circles debate if this “Pregnant Oils Lady” costume was real of not!}

When we told our parents and siblings, I wanted to get their reactions so I recorded as many of them as I could on my phone as we FaceTime’d on the iPad, something else I need to get onto YouTube for the kids in the future. In an ideal world, we’d have told everyone face to face, however, living six hours away made us have to change our announcement plans… and we knew we would not be able to make it much longer without blabbing the news out over the phone.

So here we are now, twenty-three weeks along. We found out I was pregnant at the first of August around four weeks and this has been a whirlwind of a pregnancy ride! Seems like I’ve been pregnant forever and will be pregnant forevermore, but I know these last months will zip by before our eyes! What an exciting new journey we’re on growing our family with the little cabooses!

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