TWINS. {12.8.2017}

Well, I guess I should have updated with a new post sooner than a month after our H U G E announcement! We’re not just pregnant, we’re having TWINS! Yes, we’re adding twins to our family. This news is still extremely hard for me to grasp. I’m not handling parenting very well these days with the two toddlers trying to run the house and a second grader whose homework is just as hard as any nursing school assignment I ever had, so learning the news of twins was not something my heart was quite prepared to take on.

You want to know the funny story of finding out about us expecting twins? Mmmkay I’m going to write it right here.

I have had three babies, so bringing my husband to the initial doctor’s appointment is not something that we do religiously. He barely made it to the last two pregnancy appointments since he was out of town working, so being the “super strong mama I am” I knew I could do it on my own.

Me and the Littles walked into the new doctors office in our new city and state for the very first second time knowing I was about 10 weeks along; it was my second time because I had an initial visit with the nurse practitioner a few weeks prior. I was nervous meeting a new doctor and really just wanted to see our little peanut and then quickly break it to my new doc that I had decided on a homebirth and found an amazing midwife who said I had to see a doctor before I could continue midwifery care. THAT was my plan … see the doctor, be released as “healthy,” and continue my pregnancy with a midwife.

HA. Plans. I’ve never made a “birth plan” before so starting this entire shindig with a plan kind of derailed the idea of me ever trying for a plan. Not a planner, apparently not going to start being one now.

Back to the story. I was laid up on the doctors office bed with Oliver sitting in his stroller and Miller sitting in the pretty flower chair, both still coloring on their pages they got from the waiting room and asking about seeing the “Baby Cow” in mama’s belly.

Finally, the time had come, our doctor entered the room and sweet as could be introduced herself. We small-talked about my kids and what pregnancy this was. I couldn’t hold it in about a homebirth, so I went ahead and started blabbering out how I was so excited to deliver with a midwife for my last little one. How delivering at home would be so personal and I have a few friends who have had successful homebirths in the last year. Dr. P was so kind about it and just said, “Well, let’s just take a look and see what we’ve got!”

Here’s where it gets funny. Because Mister C and I had been to the midwife who was to follow this pregnancy a few weeks before my OB appointment and he was NOT on board for a delivery at home. He wasn’t totally against it and I’m sure I could have swayed him over to my side, but it was something I could tell he had his reservations about. I’m pretty sure this is where he prayed that I would not be able to have a homebirth.

So Dr. P got the ultrasound wand out and we got personal, HA! Every woman who’s been to the OB/GYN knows they like to get very personal. She was looking in my already ballooned-up uterus and we saw the sweet little fetus when all of a sudden I blinked and there were TWO. Say whaaaaat?! I literally asked her, “OH my GOODness, did you just hit a button that duplicated the baby?!” She kind of grinned and giggled and calmly answered with a soft spoken, “No, looks like there’s twins!”

Cue cussing. Well, not quite cussing, my Littles were sitting right there, so I started the *S* word then had to stop myself and explain that I wanted to cuss and I wanted to cry but I wasn’t really sure what emotion to let out! {Looking back, I was probably a bit dramatic!} She kept looking and measuring and our sweet babies had great little heartbeats and she could tell that they were in separate sacks. She was surprised I made it this far without coming to the doctor and the babies were as healthy as they were! Shoot, I was surprised, too!! After a few several minutes of trying to calm myself down and squinting my eyes up at the printouts of our newest additions, we made our way to the checkout desk and with a deer-in-headlights look, I made my next appointment. With the OB. Not my midwife. Apparently it’s against the law to have a twin homebirth in Louisiana.

Now, my midwife is as precious as can be and we have stayed in touch and I will start seeing her again in a few weeks to prepare for her to be my doula and hospital delivery advocate when the big day comes. I mean, I’m having two babies instead of one and I’m sure that’s going to require more assistance than my husband eating snacks on the sidelines while I push, el oh el.

For now, I’m going to remain in the sarcasm phase of acceptance, but stay tuned to hear about the Mister’s reaction to our big news and our most frequently asked question! Feels so good to have a laptop to start writing my thoughts out again. Xo.

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