{Sunday Afternoon Strollin’} 4.23.2017

How many of you feel the enemy throwing fireballs at you on Sunday? Just me? Man, oh man. Sundays can be a real struggle! Thankful for the quietness that’s happening in my home right now. After a week of all the boys home, a sleepover night, out of town company this weekend and a few of Albert’s friends hanging out yesterday… I’m trying to reboot. The Littles are down for a nap, Albert took Cooper fishing and I’m on the couch working on this blog post with a handful of other links up that I keep clicking between.

We used to get frustrated with “Sunday Strollers” aka the folks that go driving around at snail speed on a Sunday afternoon after church. Most of the time, we’d only see these drivers going while driving to my mamaw’s house every Sunday for lunch, twenty minutes down a winding country road. Albert and I got so used to calling everybody driving slow “Sunday Strollers” it has become a phrase we use often. Today’s meaning, though, is that I’m taking it easy and resting and not going to do anything else big for the rest of the day. I’m Sunday Strollin’ at snail speed while laying on the couch. Regaining my composure and refreshing, sending the enemy out of my thoughts because he is a pesky nuisance on Sundays and always tries to steal my [my whole family’s] joy.

I will say, though, that we have had a pretty awesome week overall!

Good Friday started Cooper’s Spring Break at school, so we’ve had the entire past week off. We had an amazing church service last weekend, wonderful Easter lunch with our friends who are like family, and then we got a lot of rest and relaxation. Daddy-O got rained out a few times and was able to come home early a few days and the boys really enjoyed his company.

We didn’t do too much this week because number one, money doesn’t grow on trees and just about everything for kids costs money, and number two we are tired of waking up early in the morning so spending some time relaxing was nice! The one thing that I’ve learned is that my oldest is 100% his daddy’s son! Cooper could NOT wait to get out and going all week long. Every single morning it was “mama, mama, mama, mama….. When are we gonna go ___? When can we go ___? Can we do this? Can we go do that? He was having a really hard time just hanging out at the house, el oh el. The kid needs structured times to do things! He is not made to be idle.

We were able to go have a fun time at the big park downtown and the boys played on the splash pad there, we went to the trampoline park for a couple hours on Thursday and then Friday we had my mother and sister in law and nieces come to town. Cooper knew he was getting a “package” on Friday but had no idea it was visitors! It was a nice treat but very different having girls in the house! We never have girls in the house! They got to see how wild and rambunctious their boys cousins and Uncle Albert are and a glimpse into our crazy lives.
Thursday was actually our big guy’s seventh birthday! April 20. That’s a very special day for us! The day we became parents. It’s amazing to me how fast time has breezed by. I look at our little boys now and I see Cooper as a baby and a one year old and two year old …  all the way up to seven! I cannot believe my eyes when I look at my big boy. He’s so smart and handsome and I just love him so much. He’s been so excited over all the love he’s gotten for his birthday from the gifts in the mail, to the money he’s receiving and ready to burn through, phone calls and Facebook messages I have passed along. He’s a very loved boy! This year was a little different for his birthday and it really kind of upset me. He got to go choose his own birthday present rather than us buying one for him. He got a RipStik, knee, elbow and wrist pads, and a new helmet! He wanted to get a new four-wheeler helmet, but I convinced him that he’d probably end up saving enough money to get one after all his birthday cards came in. He’s overjoyed that he has enough money to get a new four-wheeler helmet PLUS more things! Cooper man is truly blessed with generous family and friends!!


Saturday came along and we had Coop’s seventh birthday party at a local skating rink which was pretty fun!!  Just enough kids came from school and church and they were able to skate and play laser tag. This party was fun for the adults and the kids! The best part of the skating rink is that they only have parties during the day on Saturday so there aren’t a bunch of kid and teenagers going crazy and zooming around the rink. Miller, Oliver and lots of other little kids from the four parties being held were able to run wild in the building and nobody blinked an eye! Of course, we have no family photos of the entire weekend. I try to do my best at taking pictures of the boys but they move so fast, I can’t get good ones 92% of the time and Lord forbid my husband snap a photo of me without and the kids my begging asking, first. Sigh, just breathe, the weekend was great regardless of photo proof!

Here we are once again on Sunday afternoon. A couple weeks ago I did a Sunday Mornin’ Struggle blog, explaining how Sunday mornings fight against us. Sunday afternoons aren’t much different. We get up and ready for church in the mornings, then we have a great church service and as soon as we hit the doors to leave, the enemy attacks. It’s like he knows our cups were just refilled with Jesus and he wants to steal all that way from us. Daddy gets in a bad mood, I think because he wants to go fishing or have “his” alone time and can’t because… well because he’s a daddy of three boys who yearn for his attention and me on top of that nagging him for going fishing yet again. I get frustrated with Mr. Clark because he gets in a grumpy mood every Sunday after church. I’m not really quite sure what exactly it is, fishing could be it, but I’m trying to figure it out so we can fix our problem. The Sunday Afternoon Struggle is much worse than the morning struggle because we are stuck with each other all day. Ha! There’s not really many buffers to get us through the day except naptime, and we all know that doesn’t last forever!

I know I shouldn’t dwell on the Sunday grumpiness of my family rather rejoice that we all got to and from church safely and in good health, but goodness it’s been every Sunday without fail for the last several months… okay, years. Something’s gotta give! Regardless of the grumpidy-grump atmosphere, I at least know that we’ll all be better by bedtime and wake up for new beginnings on Monday. Mondays are only good for one thing, and that thing is a fresh start!

So, here I am resting on my couch while my Littles recharge their batteries with a nap, daddy and Coop recharge their batteries with fishing, and I’m focusing on the evening to come with popcorn and milkshakes. I’m already declaring a better day. Hopefully everybody else will just go along with me! Now, I hope yall all have a wonderful Sunday even if the enemy is trying to attack, beat him down with your mighty stick! Xo.

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