Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been trying to think of what to talk about for my blog post and nothing was coming to mind. Having not ever been a big writer, or creative writer at that, I’m having a pretty hard time. You see, when I decided a little over a week ago to start this journey, I thought I’d have all sorts of topics and ideas of what to write about. Boy was I wrong!

So, I decided to just go with it again and write about what’s on my mind. Sickness. Illness. Snot and boogers and coughing and throwing up. I’m just sick and tired of it all! Thank God, I personally have not had [most] of this, but my boys all have had more than a fair share of it. Before Things 2 & 3 came along, Cooper was super duper healthy. He rarely ever got sick. Maybe an ear infection here and there or a little cold. I think he had the stomach bug twice in his 4.5 years as an only child. Never any pink eye or really gross stuff, just your common every-day sickness.

Now that we have THREE kids in the house we cannot catch a break from sickness. To sum things up, the babies are germ-balls, more specifically–the middle child is a walking, breeding ground for germs. We get that kid well and go out in public and his magnetic force for germs to come flying at him is unimaginable. I see germs coming to M how in the movies the space ship is bursting through space and the stars are zooming by at supersonic speed. My brain just cannot wrap around why these kids are always so sick. I try and try and try so hard to keep my kids well and I just don’t understand what the deal is?!

The last two weeks, after a perfectly healthy Thing 2 went to nursery on a Sunday, have been miserable for most of us. The Monday morning following nursery, M woke up with what appeared to be pink eye — thank goodness he, along with the rest of us, had pink eye in the fall and we had leftover eye drops. Then came the dreaded thick, green, disgusting gunk from his nose. Ew. Just as we thought that was all he would have, he started coughing all. the nights. long. Of course he does not like to keep all the sickness to himself so he runs to find Thing 3 to get a little “taste” of his paci. <<---- this is one reason why having babies 13 months apart is tough. He is quicker than a tiger pouncing on its prey, he will take any and everything that he wants in the blink of an eye! Despite my best efforts, since the fall of 2014 right before M was born but between all of the kids (& myself), we have had pink eye about 4 times, strep throat once or twice, stomach bug once, adenovirus, sinus crud every other week, and RSV (oh and I had Shingles while 7 months pregnant last October). That's a year and a half of sick. So you can see why I'm sick and tired of it! My poor C, though, is just pitiful. He has had the cough, the congestion, the throwing up, the nausea, the dreary sad eyes, the sneezing, and he's had all the essential oils applied and medicine given and Gatorade to stay hydrated. He's just fighting a tough little virus that I'm really wishing would go away now! Sickness is another reason I have not posted a blog since Monday besides just not knowing what to say. Now that I have rambled on and complained about everybody being sick, I am asking for your prayers and happy sick-free thoughts and good vibes to kick this mess to the curb so it'll leave the Clark's alone! My poor C was sick on his birthday and we really need him to be better to enjoy his birthday party this weekend! And I really need everybody to get over their mess so that we can get more than an hour of sleep at a time at night! I think the weekly chiropractor visit is helping my O, so I'm going to take advantage of this time and try to get some sleep! Goodnight!

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