{Semi-Hoarder Recovering} 4.4.2017

I keep a lot of junk. Like, lots and lots of junk. I don’t like throwing things out for fear that we may need it again. After several moves and two new kids in the past two years, I’m finally coming to the realization that less is more!

This is the beginning of my hoarder recovery program I’m putting myself through. I have tried inconsistently at thinning and purging our belongings but I’m so serious now. Why? Because we are drowning. We are physically drowning in our things. Clothes especially, but the there’s kitchen items, laundry room “might needs,” piles of paper, craft supplies for my cricut and painting, my mailing supplies, bathroom products that haven’t been touched in months since we’re working towards chemical free, then toys. Albert has hardly anything so he’s excluded from this madness.

We don’t want our children to be without and they’re far from it, because even if we don’t give them toys for a year they still accumulate them somehow! We have toys still in their original box from Christmas. I’m sad that we haven’t opened these things, but geeze, I don’t want it strowed all over the dang house! Tiny Legos and game pieces and nerf gun bullets that O bites in half are Every. Freaking. Where. Crayons and erasers and bouncy balls galore. The list of toys is unending.

And do you even want to know what they prefer playing with?? The stinkin’ Mardi Gras throws, Dollar Tree punch balloons and empty boxes that sit by the kitchen trash can waiting to go outside! Not all their gazillion toys that are sitting in random places around the house! Why would they touch their toys when they could play with three random $1 items?!

Oh and you should see behind my front door. I have a tall standing coat rack with 24 hats stacked on top of each other, 15 jackets, 5 baby carriers and 14702 pairs of shoes. Some of the shoes and hats even belong to my husbands friend that lived with us for a month, two months ago! Ebay, watch out you’re about to get some goooood stuff!

I’m embarrassed to say I have never been a good housekeeper. Never ever. I really never even tried until we moved into our first really nice “house” outside of Baton Rouge and then when we lived in the camper last year. The house in BR area was still hard to keep clean And clutter free, it was just pushing 2000 sq ft so everything was spread out. When we had a transition from Baton Rouge and had to move into an extended stay hotel room … I had TWO third row / trunk loads that I brought from our house and everything else went into storage. I am so embarrassed that when we emptied our remaining storage items after the big flood east of Baton Rouge in August, we still had tons of crap to bring back to my parents house. So. Much. Crap.

The camper was amazing at 400 Sq ft, we were extremely organized even on our worst days! It only took 20 minutes to clean up and mop! Why can’t I be happy in a little camper?! Ugh. I’ll be honest, we needed a bigger “motherboard” camper and since we had tv’s going and the air and all the things we needed running, it was frustrating that the 30 amp couldn’t keep up with our family of 5. Maybe we didn’t try hard enough, maybe we’ll try again some day?! That was simple living heaven on earth. Minus our crappy neighbors, I miss the camperhood! 

Anyways, since I’m on a mission for B I G changes in our lives in 2017 and growth like never before, this is my public declaration that I’m going to be thinning and decluttering and doing my absolute best to keep our junk levels to a minimum. Big garage sale coming up and I’ll have to add pictures once we do it! For all you mama’s struggling to keep your household junk from suffocating you in your sleep, know that you’re not alone! If you have tips on decluttering please LET ME KNOW. I need all the help I can get! Yall have a happy Tuesday!  Xo.

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