{Saturday Morning Hustle} 5.20.2017

Good morning sunshines! I hope y’all are finding this Saturday morning as a great day of rest. We’re having a slow morning waiting for the rain to roll in to Southwest LA. I haven’t written anything in a few weeks and although I have a ton to say I feel like nothing was blog worthy when I finally sat down with my laptop. Of course today my laptop is updating since it’s been sitting on my desk since my last post, so I’m trying to carefully write this on my phone… my phone app tends to delete things I write or how I organize things so this will be a rough cut.

I woke up this morning to my children actually being sweet to each other! Wow! My oldest who’s 7 was telling his middle little to “Shhhh, mama is trying to sleep! You need to sit here and be quiet!” and they sat in the living room watching Dirt Every Day on Netflix. And if yall know my sweet Oliver, you’ll know that he slept in until a little after 9. Glory.

My plans for today include looking at my YL biz and finding people I’ve talked to about essential oils or are interested [comment below if your are!] to send some info out this week! Also, run a couple errands if the rain holds off. 

Mr. Clark is working today but is going to pick up our camper in Mississippi this evening and I’m kind of sad we won’t be able to make the trip with him! 3 boys + 6 hours there + 6 hours back all in 24 hours with high forecast of rain = stress & not much fun! So fam, I’m sorry we’re not coming home this weekend! If I could have left a kid or two, I would hop in that truck in a heartbeat, but they’ve all got to come back with us so… ya know. If yall will pray for safe travels and that our camper sale will go through smoothly once he gets back to LA to sell our home on wheels. Oh and that we can mark that back off our list of everything we have going on… and maybe get a boat? Maybe? Albert, you readin this?? Jk. You know I’m joking. Ha! 

I completely forgot to do a recap on my tiny income I made for April so I’ll go on and put that here! I’m not making much from my several little tiny sources of revenue, but it’s fun to see the different ways that have great potential to monetize even more, Young Living & blogging at the top of the list.

    • Young Living rank : Star : I was SOOOO close to Senior Star last month I could taste it! My check added up to be $178. You can check out the Compensation Plan for YL here.
    • Young Living Sales $85 [mostly Toothpaste & Orange Vitality Bundles!] 
    • BlueHost $0 {I’ll get there! This is the company that is absolutely best at Web Hosting [aka where you own your website name] and they also have an amazing referral rate that if you sign up through me I can help you as best as I know how to get your blog up and running!}

  • Amazon Affiliates & Referrals $2.64 {I have had over 500 clicks from links on my blog and Facebook links and that’s SUPER exciting to me! I literally only get a tiny percentage and it DOES NOT affect YOUR PRICE that you pay! It’s my “advertising fee” that Amazon pays me for selling their product. Y’all keep clicking!}
  • Target Affiliates $0 {I just started this one last month and it took a minute to figure out how to link it to my page. I’m a LOVER of the Target Dollar Spot and a bunch of their other products so I thought this was a great opportunity to advertise for them!
  • Yard Sale Sites & Ebay Sales $0 {I am serious when I said I was lazy last month.}
  • Ibotta $5 {I only had one referral and I forgot completely to scan in my receipts. Ugh, it makes me sick thinking of all that lost money! Pocket change adds up I’m working on getting better at scanning!!}
  • iTOVi $0 {If you have a Young Living Business or other essential oil biz this scanning tool is wonderful to have!! You do not have to be on my YL Team in order to use my referral link to get your own scanner!} Click the “iTOVi” at the bullet to go check out their product and plans!
  • Dollar Shave Club $0 {This is the first time I’m sharing my referral link about the DSC but I have a review of the company coming up this week!!} Get your FIRST box for just ONE BUCK!!! If you refer a friend with YOUR referral link, you can get $5!! Say what??
  • My mystery shopping will be added for my May income since you don’t get paid for a month until the 20th of the next month, but I did a good handful of shops in April! 

I know that’s not much and it looks like petty change… which it really is for right now… but I’ve got confidence that persistent blogging and sharing my love for all the things will pay off! Now, here’s a fun little Snapchat inspired video I made the other Monday to start your day off right! Oh yeah, I’m off Facebook for a bit as frequent breaks are needed. The ‘Book is really great for networking and yard sale sites, but sometimes jumping off for a little while is just what’s needed. So go to my Instagram and keep up with the Clarks there!

I hope y’all have a terrrrrific day!

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