{Saturday Mornin’ Grind} 4.1.2017

Goooood morning ladies and gents! I’m sure y’all have all had a great April Fool’s Day! We haven’t done any pranks yet, except the fact that I said I’d be ready to go about three hours ago and I’m still sitting at the kitchen table in my pajamas with unbrushed teeth and a laptop in front of me.
We really have a few things on our itenirary for today that we can’t miss, so I’m about to get this short and quick little post up and going so I can go get ready!

I did notice out the back door my sweet little squash are begging for a larger home, so planting the veggie garden is definitely a priority on our to do list today! {As is resuscitating the ones on the end that have lost motivation in their tiny planters.}

I have decided to try to attempt getting my “Saturday Mornin’ Grind” posts up every Saturday. We usually don’t do anything but chillax for a few hours before getting out the door and my kids are soaked up in Saturday morning cartoons as I once was as a child, so Saturday’s are a pretty good day to get a post up. Hopefully it’ll all work out on future Saturday mornings!
So, last month I re-launched my blog and had quite a rollercoaster of a ride getting it done. I was running out of time to renew my BlueHost account {the web hosting account that I pay to keep my domain of Life With The Clarks and the key to monetizing my blog in the future} and was nervous to ask my hubs if he’d support a big chunk of change to get something I wasn’t sure I wanted up and running again. So I went free. Having Gmail, I was able to easily find blogger and as it was pretty easy to figure out, it was not compatible with some of my affiliate links I was using to also monetize my blog. I discussed this with Mr. C one night and he was like, “So, this one isn’t going to bring you in money but this one could potentially bring in money? Don’t you already know the answer to which one you want to do?” My answer was not clear, though, because I didn’t want to spend that money! Ugh. Grown-up decisions are tough! Thankfully, my hubby is so supportive in my ventures and rabbit trail hobbies and he told me to go for it! If I cannot let one person down, it’s him!

Here I am once again on my WordPress blog and am learning more and more every day. I have joined Facebook groups and am following numerous Pinterest pages about how to successfully grow my blog and I’m so excited!!!

I haven’t really made much, but a little is better than none at all! I am also going to add that I don’t plan to show my income so that you can laugh or judge me for what I’m doing, but so that you can see that I’m going to work my tushy off to get where I want to be on this mommy-bloggin journey!

So without further ado, I post my teensy little Income Report for the month of March 2017!

    • BlueHost $0 {I’ll get there! This is the company that I’ve read is absolutely best at Web Hosting and they also have an amazing referral rate that if you sign up through me I can help you as best as I know how to get your blog up and running!}

  • Amazon Affiliates & Referrals $0 {I have only provided a few affiliate links here and there, BUT I did have “clicks” where someone went and checked out the products I love ! SO thanks to whoever did that !}
  • Yard Sale Sites & Ebay Sales $215
  • Survey Junkie $3.45
  • Ibotta $20 {for 4 referrals entering their first rebate. Thank yall!!}
  • iTOVi $0 {I’m planning to market this more in upcoming weeks so that I can meet up with people who want to be scanned to see what their body is in need of with Young Living products. If you have a Young Living Business, this scanning tool is wonderful to have!! You do not have to be on my YL Team in order to use my referral link to get your own scanner!}

  • Young Living rank : Star : I don’t have my income disclosed because I have not received it, yet. You can check out the Compensation Plan for YL here.
  • Young Living Sales $108 {Not related to the Comp Plan, but what people purchased from me.}

So there it is. How it looks to work at home with Littles and my March 2017 Income Report from online hustlin’! I hope to grow this by December. Referrals, especially FREE MONEY referrals are awesome and I hope that some of you find time to click and take advantage or earning FREE MONEY this month! If yall have any questions do not hesitate to drop it in the comment section or email me at lifewiththeclarks@gmail.com. Have a great Saturday!

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