{Saturday Mornin’ Grind} 3.25.2017

I didn’t necessarily plan to do another post this week, but I became inspired as I sit here at the table with O eating eggs and a biscuit beside me, watching the thunderstorm roll through with strikes of lightening brightening the sky at 9:25AM.

My sweetums proving his favoritism during a nap the other day!

Saturday mornings have changed dramatically in the past several years. Nearly seven years ago, I was able to sleep in and get up at my leisure with really no plans for the day. Once I had Cooper, we were on a roller-coaster of a schedule aka we had no schedule. We slept when we were tired, we played when we weren’t. There was no structure, but I still got my Saturday morning sleep-ins because I could usually convince him to snuggle up with me and sleep a little longer. Add a few more kids into the mix and that dream of sleeping in is long gone.

New mama’s — SAVOR those moments! This particular morning, my hubs got up at 4:30 because we slept through the alarm for a few snoozes and I fixed his lunch then quickly shuffled my way back to bed. I was awakened at 6:52 AM by not one, not two, but THREE little boys at my bedside asking when I was going to get up!? Cooper has a friend over and they were eager to get up and get to playing! Miller also decided he needed to get up, while Oliver my favorite child who loves his rest stayed asleep.

The boys wanted to start their morning… I wanted to sleep in my comfy bed with the thunder rolling, so I gave them the living room tv remote and told them to keep their voices down. That lasted about thirty minutes before O decided to join the fun. Lord, why did you give me a bunch of kids that don’t want to sleep not only on just a Saturday but a rainy, thunder-storming Saturday! Okay, I guess I shouldn’t ask that question to the Lord because I’m pretty sure I know why he gave me all these adorably handsome offspring. I love them.

So up I got and began my Saturday Mornin’ Grind.

A little coffee with my creamer and sugar, first, then I had to vacuum up the coffee grounds by the trash can since my tired hands dropped the filter while getting A out the door this morning. Since I already had the vacuum out, why not hit the entire main living space… after all, I am the head housekeeper ha. Thankfully, I love my vacuum {this vacuum to be exact} and vacuuming in general because it brings me a sense of calm, kind of like mowing the grass on a riding mower without all the sneezing and runny nose and watering eyes. Concrete visual improvements are seen and that makes my heart flutter with joy, especially since A is probably about to rain out and walk in the door at any given minute, the house could use a little sprucing up.

Next, Joy, Grapefruit and Citronella dropped into the diffuser {this diffuser to be exact} because little boys stink and I didn’t do the dishes last night leaving an unpleasant BBQ pork ribs aroma drifting in the air. Plus, I need a little happy pick-me-up to get through this day. Add a little Ortho Ease Massage Oil to my neck and shoulders, joy to my wrists and heart, and I’m ready to go!

Now let’s get to the point of this post. Last night, I decided I am going to make the most of my internet time and try to monetize some of my daily internet usage. By doing that, I added checking my Amazon site, Ebay, Survey Junkie, Inbox Dollars, SwagBucks, Ibotta and Ebates to my checklist. Used to, I would think these are just pocket change sites and surveys and will never add up, but I’ve been proven wrong!

These past two weeks, I have made money on all of those apps/websites [I use 
them on my phone and on the laptop] totaling up to about $35. $35/week x 4 weeks = $140/month, $140/months x 12 months = $1680/year .. that’s $1680 potentially for an entire year! If I do a few surveys each morning totaling out about $3-5 per day and a few people use my referral links {Referrals usually bring in $5-$10} to earn themselves FREE money by signing up for the apps, then I’ll have Christmas money and gift cards for the kiddos and family. I know this is not striking gold, but it is “pocket change” collected over a period of time that is adding up and that is why I’m changing the way I think about online side hustle and grindin’. This is me sitting at home on the internet earning my Christmas bonus as a stay at home / work at home mama.

And can I just add that visualizing and actually seeing the numbers rise, Rise, RISE makes this mama HAPPY!! I am very visual, I have a hard time seeing things that are theoretical and I often give up on those dreams. BUT to see that 10 people viewed my Mommy Blog before I went to sleep last night or that 29 people viewed it by this morning when I woke up and now 54 have viewed it by 10:22 AM! That makes my heart so happy to get those clicks and Pageviews!! I know my list has a LOT of websites to go check, but it’s worth more of my time when my time is valued by ME and not just consumed by social media and watching funny animal YouTube videos!

This is to prove that I’m a real hot mess mama! Nothing better than an embarrassing morning photo! Ha!

I WILL say this, if you decide to do what I’m doing and are asked to put in your credit card information to sign up for a survey site, DON’T DO IT! They don’t need to know your personal banking information so do not give it to them. It’s probably a scam if they need all your digits. I got these survey suggestions from my fav blog Making Sense of Cents, just as I’ve gotten numerous other great tips and ideas on how to successfully side hustle to make money. Do your research! DO NOT put in your CC info or your Social Security Number and DO NOT come back and tell me that I told you to do it and your identity has been stolen… I can’t prevent that, I am only sharing how I am making pocket change this morning! The sites that I listed a few paragraphs up are ones that I have personally used and find to be legit from my own personal research. Don’t just trust me, do a little digging for yourself if you feel it’s scammy.

I hope y’all all have a wonderful rainy Saturday! Mr. C is on his way home from work and I am about to go purge some more things for a yard sale we’re planning for next month! Xo.




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