{When Change is Coming!} 6.28.2017

Hey Hey Hey, everybody! I haven’t been writing much lately, in fact the last post I wrote was in May. Oops! I really haven’t been extremely busy, just very consumed with my kids and life. Things like that happen! Oh, and today is Mr. Clark’s Birthday! WooHooo Happy Birthday to Him!!

This last month, I’ve really been thinking a lot about why our lives seem to go in different directions sometimes and our plans change and why we have to make decisions a lot more than we’d care to do so. Times like this really get me frustrated, but they are an opportune time for growth.

Growing Up, Growing Older, Growing Together!

Most of you know, my husband works in industrial construction and with this sort of job we are never certain of exact time frames. We get a “xx amount of weeks to xx amount of years” job frames.. we could literally be in one place for weeks to years. For a wife and mother of three kids, this makes for a really confusing time because I never really know if we’re coming or going.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I would not trade this for anything in the world… right now! We’ve been discussing buying a house in the Southwest Louisiana area and possibly even looking elsewhere to settle. Of course these are just dreams and will not likely happen anytime soon, but we bounce ideas off of each other to see if we’re still moving in the right direction of having a place to settle when we’re done traveling and want to come “home.”

So, what do you do when you face a fork in the road? When your plans can suddenly be changed? Or when you know there could potentially be a change over the next few days to weeks to months. I’ll tell you what I feel like I do even though it’s probably *what I do in the form of a chicken with it’s head cut off* running around in a frenzy either internally or externally. Not usually both. Eh, well sometimes both.

First of all, I honestly try not to panic. I know that whatever happens we will be taken care of. That is a given when you have God on your side. Yes, we may face hard times and have some weeks when it feels like we’re living direct deposit to direct deposit, but those are only short little periods. I know that whatever happens, my honey can get a job and that’s reassuring. I, too, could get a job as a nurse but then who’d take care of my darling angels? Lolz.

When I heard and felt in my heart that we could possibly be staying in SWLA, I began looking around for a job and a house [who wants to pay a big chunk of a mortgage on rent every single year?! Not really us..] Thankfully, my hubs brings me back to the reality that this may not be our “forever” or “for a long time” town and that’s absolutely okay. When I hear and feel in my heart that we could possibly be moving to a different job, I pick and pick until I hear of where the other jobs are and look for houses and jobs in those areas. Basically, I keep myself busy being my own concierge and figuring out what we can do in these potential places.

I will say that I’m pretty controlling and want to know exactly the who / what / when / where and why’s of the situation. With this lifestyle, I have had to let go of a lot of the uncertain fears I keep tucked in my back pocket and just let go.

Having moved to 3 different states in 6 different moves, losing nearly everything in the Denham Springs, LA flood in August 2016, spending a short time in a camper with 3 kids, and never knowing how many days each week the hubs will rain out and miss hours, I have to use TONS of Stress Away Essential Oil and go with the flow. I cannot control where we go or when we’re going, but I can make the best of it and not stress out for the sake of all involved parties. I have gone from extremely high strung and stressed out to slightly high strung {HA} and more relaxed with my kids and our daily lives.

Sure, I still yell and cuss sometimes… a lot… but at the end of the day we are all still together and for that I’m thankful. I know we are so blessed that my hubs has worked his butt off to provide for his family while I stay home to try my best at running the household.

That all being said, my plans are DRASTICALLY changing but this is not something I’ve just decided. I’m about to begin selling some things from my page here, but most importantly I’m going ALL-IN for my Young Living Home Business. I feel that we are finally to a place that I can focus on growing my Young Living business so that I can reach my tangible goals that are laid out in front of me. I have an amazing team of women who are beginning an intensive training July 1 and I will be posting more about Young Living and how it has changed our lives. My prayers are becoming more focused as I work on my business. I will NOT continue to let our paths take over us and when our plans change suddenly, we will be ready!

I have chosen a few verses that I feel are speaking life over my business and my role as a business owner, a mama and a wife:

Romans 12:10-12 KJV, “Be kindly affectioned to one another with brotherly love, in honour preferring one another; Not SLOTHFUL IN BUSINESS; fervent in spirit; SERVING THE LORD; Rejoicing in Hope, Patient in Tribulation; Continuing INSTANT in Prayer…”

As a wife and mother I am looking to this verse as a mantra in my daily life:

Titus 2:4-5, “…so that they may encourage the young women to tenderly love their husbands and their children, to be sensible, pure, makers of a home [where God is honored], good-natured, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored.

These will be my personal theme verses over the next few months of hustling. I will love my husband and kids. I will work hard and not be lazy. I will keep my home. I will be fervent in prayer. I will serve others and the Lord with my best ability.

It’s going to take a LOT of essential oils and NingXia Red, but I know the end result of my intensive training will be worth it! I’m so giddy with excitement!!

One more thing. I see YOU. I see you, weary mama, tired wife. I see you worn out from being tackled constantly by toddlers and household duties. I see you and I know how you feel! I have no clue how in the world I’m rocking 3 kids and a husband and my house is still standing. I have no idea how we do it, because this is the toughest job I’ve had to date! I see you and I want to help you grow and find stress relief and find your niche. If you’d like to climb with me to the top of Young Living I’d LOVE to help you clean up your homes! Let me know how I can help you! Drop me a comment or email me at lifewiththeclarks @ gmail . com and lets talk! Xo.

{The Pampered Chef : May Blog Party!}



Normally, I wouldn’t do a salesy post on anything other than essential oils because — duh, I love my essential oils! — BUT The Pampered Chef makes a huge exception! Plus, my amazing chef of a mama has been trying to do a show with me and I’ve failed her miserably over the past year cancelling out due to my busy-ness. Ugh, I’m hoping this makes up for that!


My mama {I’m from Mississippi, so “Mama” is the way we say “Mom” or “Mother” and it’s pronounced mah-mah} has provided for our family of 5, alongside my deddy {Again, Mississippi…deddy is “Dad” or “Daddy”}, for nearly 20 years with her Pampered Chef business. She has hosted hundreds of cooking shows as well as catalog shows where you literally hand out catalogs to one person at a time and NOW she has been given the privilege of hosting virtual catalog shows!


Well, she has been hosting virtual catalog shows and “Facebook parties” for a few years now and it has really opened up a door of opportunity to get The Pampered Chef items into people’s homes!

{Click any of the items that are a different color and you can go see for yourself how awesome they are! These are not affiliate links, just sharing for the fun of my virtual party!}

Most of the time people do not even realize TPC is a thing or that it’s still around! Guess what?! IT IS!! And it’s BOOMIN’ because they have new and reinvented styles of products, numerous different gorgeous choices for original and glazed stoneware, updated Bakeware, more ergonomic tools like the Pizza & Crust Cutter and Smooth-Edge Can Opener, absolutely amazing Kid’s Sets, and an entire menu of Products Less than $10!! TPC has Charitable Giving for things like “Help Whip Cancer”, Gift ideas for upcoming holidays such as Father’s Day and Graduation, Cleaning Products, great Outdoor Products {I’m eyeballing the super cute Wicker Serving Caddy & Tray!}, and so much more!



One thing I will quickly say, is that the Kid’s Covered Baker Set and the Kid’s Pizza Set will make a terrific Graduation Gift for the young adults heading off to a college dorm room! The Baker and the little Pizza Stone fit in the Microwave!! Your Grads can make delicious little meals with this perfect size set!! This is such a great gift idea! Plus, you can do chicken nuggets, biscuits, French toast sticks, cookies… basically anything that will go on a cooking sheet! AND you can eat directly from the stone so that saves a dish to clean or trash! These stones are perfect for the microwave AND toaster ovens, they’re practical and super stylish!

Almost forgot, you definitely don’t want to forget to glance over the SPECIAL OFFERS!!


I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you do not have Pampered Chef products in your kitchen, you are totally missing out!! I began learning to cook with Pampered Chef from around ten years old. I remember riding to houses with my mama just to meet up with the hostess’ friends to enjoy my mama’s delicious appetizers and entree’s that you can find in TPC Cookbooks. Not to mention the conversations and laughter that surrounded the table! The Season’s Best Cookbook is pretty awesome because it’s only $2!!! They make great gifts FOR UNDER $20 when paired with a cute seasonal spatula or the Bamboo Spatula Set and Twixit! Clip Set!

Gift sets are perfect for wedding and bridal showers, birthdays, graduation, retirement, and so much more! Add a flavorful Seasoning Mix and you’ve got a great combo that will make anybody happy!






Back then I did not realize that my mama was earning an income for her family as a consultant. I did not realize she was doing huge things, I thought she was just cooking! Now that I’m a mama and wife and have to cook every day {ugh} I know that I would NEVER be able to do that without the lessons that were instilled into my brain at such a young age! I literally burn every single thing I cook on cookware that is not TPC…

I have to pack my own products when we go out of town! I remember blackening the pancakes on a non-stick pan in a furnished beach condo a few years ago. Every single pancake. I could not get it right! They all stuck and burnt up!


Thankfully, when I was just out of high school, I began stocking up on my TPC products in my hope chest. I was able to afford the Executive Sets and several of the Stoneware pieces. All I’ve had to do over the past 10 years is purchase here and there for things I’ve lost or broken that were out of warranty.

Oh, I didn’t tell y’all about the Guarantees! Most of the products have a Guarantee {Warranty} and it will say so on the product info. There will be a little link that says “Use & Care” under the product description and that pop-up will tell you how long that product is covered for replacement. This is so important because what if you break your favorite stone?! If it’s in the covered time-frame since you purchased it, you’re covered!

Now, if you’ve stuck with me for this long I realllly appreciate your attention!! So does my mama!! I wanted to mention once that if you’d ever be interested in hosting your own virtual party, contact Gerri Lynne Croley from the top right corner of any of those links I posted. The average host gets $165 in FREE product!! Orrrrr, if you’d like to sign-up to be a consultant, don’t even think about it! Just do it! TPC is so rewarding in more ways than just learning to cook. You meet people and they have great conferences and you’ll also get first dibs on new products!


If you think you want a great set for a great price, you could be a “kit-napper” meaning you kidnap a kit! I learned this term from a friend of mine a couple years ago. People sign up as a consultant or distributor in order to get the amazing kit and TPC has THREE to choose from! It’s a great way to build your kitchen for a low price! Plus, if you decide if you want to sell the products or not! If you do, there is a great business plan there. I did “sell” TPC about 4 years ago, but I mainly did it to build my kitchen back up for a discounted price. Just a thought! Not my mama’s thought, totally mine.


Thanks for joining my “BLOG PAMPERED CHEF PARTY!” Haha! Didn’t mean to turn into that, but looks like it did so there’s that. Y’all go buy a thing or two on my show and help this mama get some things I really need in my kitchen like the Glass Storage Containers and Vegetable Peeler and all the Seasoning Mixes… Thanks so much for being here if you made it this far! You’re a gem if you did! Y’all have a great day now! Xo