{My Top 11 Favorite Essential Oil Extras} 5.4.2017

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As most of you know, I am a true lover of Essential Oils! I have used them since February 2014 and personally I chose YL because of their Seed to Seal promise and for the fact that they’ve been around over twenty years. Don’t worry this post is NOT all about buying Young Living.

I won’t lie, I once was a random website essential oil buyer… but once I got my hands on 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, I realized what I had purchased in the past was merely a chemically derived scent. Hands down, no comparison.

Now that I’ve been using essential oils for quite some time, I have found several “outside the company” products that have been extremely helpful. Young Living offers amazing products with top quality, but sometimes you can’t get everything you need in one spot. That’s where Amazon has come in handy! In fact, I just recently signed up for Amazon Prime and even though I forget about it often, I plan to buy more of these tools to help me share my love for Young Living with my friends and family.


  • Nasal Inhalers : These are cute little tubes similar to the ones in the drug store that have a cool scent you breathe in when you’re under the weather. My absolute favorite blend is Lemon/Lavender/Peppermint for seasonal support! The best thing about these inhalers is that you choose exactly what you want in it. They come with cotton wicks that you put your essential oils on, then you slide the wick into the tube and pop the cap on the end. Your olfactory system will thank you!!

  • Glass Roller Bottles 10ml : These are perfect for mixing your own combo of roll-on bliss. Our favorite roller blend is Thieves in a carrier oil {I use V-6 from Young Living} and our nighttime blend that all three boys use which is Lavender/Cedarwood/Valerian and let me tell you, they sleep all night long!
  • Glass Roller Bottles 3ml : I’ve used these smaller bottles for sharing with my friends and family! They are the perfect size and last just long enough for them to see if they’d like to pursue Young Living as a wholesale member and purchase their own essential oils. One great thing about these smaller bottles is that it takes 3-5 drops of the essential oil, then I can fill it up with a carrier to dilute and extend the use. So I’m only using less essential oils, but they’re still getting a great quality sample.
  • Glass Bottles 1ml : These tiny baby bottles have been perfect for sharing oils that are better used without a roller. For instance, I use Copaiba Vitality on my babies gums when they’re teething and I just dab my finger on the top and can rub their gums. You can’t fit a roller in a baby’s mouth… I hope you don’t ever try that! This is also great when you just want a little dot to put behind your ears with Joy or Release or Purification under your nose. It doesn’t hurt that the bottles are super cute!
  • Clear Vegetable Capsules : I take essential oils internally sometimes and the best way I can do that is with these capsules. They are easy to scoop up a little unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil into and then add your essential oils and close the top. I mostly take my seasonal support blend of Lemon/Lavender/Peppermint but sometimes I will take Thieves or Oregano if I’m under the weather and need an immune boost. Young Living offers them, but I bought mine from Amazon before I realized that YL had them. There are different sizes so definitely look a size chart up if you have a hard time taking pills and need a different size capsule.
  • Glass Spray Bottle : I used to just skimp out and use the plastic spray bottles from the dollar section at the store.. but do you know that you shouldn’t be using plastic with many essential oils? I love these sprayers because I can make up a pest repellent spray with Citronella and witch hazel and distilled water. I make a linen spray to freshen up the sheets for a good nights rest with Lavender or Stress Away. I also make a hair spray with Rosemary, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender and Cedarwood. I even made a “Shhhh Spray” with Gentle Baby and a little extra Lavender for my son’s teacher. You always need to mix the essential oils with Witch Hazel or Epsom Salt then distilled water when putting in a spray bottle so that the oils will not stay separated from the water.
  • Coconut Oil : I linked the Coconut Oil packets because Hello Convenience! But there are a few different ways you can get Coconut Oil. You can get 100% Pure, Cold-Pressed & Unrefined which is hard until warmed up, then it melts. There is fractionated which is liquid form. You can also get small packets, small jars all the way up to a gallon size of coconut oil! WOAH! Coconut Oil is amazing to have in your kitchen, but also amazing to have everywhere else in the house! We use it for skin moisturizer, I use it to take off my makeup, to oil pull occasionally for extra oral health, and I cook with it. So many possibilities for Coconut Oil!
  • Makeup Holder or Nail Polish Rack : If you begin growing a collection of essential oils {Young Living, I hope!} then you’ll definitely want a place to keep all of yours together! I keep my kitchen stash in a cute vintage Pyrex baking dish, but the rest of my essential oils and accessories are on a nail polish rack in the bedroom. I have both of these that are linked, but you can find several different styles of the nail polish racks! Also, check your local Ross or TJ Maxx because they usually have the clear makeup holders!
  • Epsom Salt : You will want Epsom Salt for baths, especially if you have children that still take baths or if you like to soak in a bath. I get our bathtub cup, fill it 1/3 of the way with Epsom Salt and then add Lavender and Cedarwood for the boys baths. I know, I know.. my kids get a LOT of Lavender and Cedarwood! I do alternate sometimes and do one or the other. But if they’ve had a rough day, they get the Epsom Salt Essential Oil Bath AND their Bedtime Blend! I also love Epsom Salt for my DIY body scrubs and for soaking in the bath. Oh yeah, and when making my homemade laundry detergent and laundry crystals with Lemongrass. Epsom Salt can help soften your clothes in the washing machine. Just be sure not to buy the pre-scented salts… you want the plain Jane Epsom Salt!
  • Diffuser : Oh my goodness, I loved loved loved my Young Living Home Diffuser, but after my toddlers got ahold of it too many times, it was broken. No revival kinda broken. I went on Amazon and found this diffuser and it hasn’t failed me yet! We love that you can change the colors or let it play through all the colors or you can turn the color lamp off altogether. This is a great extra diffuser to have for kids bedrooms if you have your “good” diffuser for the main living space.
  • GamePlan Book, Workbook and Mini : If you’ve never heard of Sarah Harnisch, you are missing out!! I just recently learned of this amazing, Godly woman and her book to help people grow in their Young Living business. She has a Facebook Bootcamp that you can also find through this resource. She is down to earth and breaks things down to the simplest form. If you already are a member of Young Living but have not heard of this book CHECK IT OUT!!! If you are NOT a member of Young Living, check out the MINI booklet or sign up with me and I’ll send you a GamePlan MINI in the mail PLUS other goodies!

So there it is, my Top Ten resources that I keep on hand! As an advocate for wellness {Shoot, I have been a registered nurse for 6 years now} I highly suggest you look into Young Living Essential Oils! These essential oils do not Cure, Treat or Prevent disease or illness BUT they can help with the day to day symptoms you may be having in so many different areas of your lives!

Through Young Living, I am able to provide a safe cleaning environment for my family as we have eliminated numerous harsh chemicals, I am setting my boys up for a future of good hormones by eliminating hormone disruptors, I am giving them a better chance for a good nights rest every night that we use our eo’s {trust me, skipping our bedtime routine is AWFUL}, and I’m incorporating an all around healthy lifestyle. Oh, and not to mention the amazing Compensation Plan!

I’m not wanting to be salesy, but if you have ever had the thought of essential oils cross your mind I’d love to chat with you about them! I’m a part of a few AHHH-MAZING groups from my up-lines that provide endless information and education about living a healthier lifestyle with Young Living. If you are anti-essential oils and are going to be rude, save us both the conversation time and just move on. I’ve had that conversation with so many people and some people just won’t hear what needs to be heard. That’s perfectly fine! You and I both make the best decisions we know of for our families and I respect that!

If you’d like to follow my Essential Oil journey, I’d love for you to click over to my Facebook page Boys & Oils!

I hope y’all have a wonderful Thursday! MAY the FOURTH be with YOU!

15 thoughts on “{My Top 11 Favorite Essential Oil Extras} 5.4.2017

  1. Amber

    I love the roller ball containers! Perfect for things that you use all the time on your kids and self that need diluted. They work perfect!

  2. Jamie @ madrediem

    I LOVE my oils. I use a brand I found on amazon that is supposed to be comparative to the ones you use and I love them. I primarily use them in my diffusers next to my bed and at work, for sleeping and to help with anxiety. I plan on getting some for my daughter’s room soon so I can diffuse at night. I don’t know why I’ve never thought to put them in an epsom salt bath, but I think I’ll do it this weekend!

    1. Megan Clark Post author

      Oh yes! Those are two of my favorites! Rosemary is excellent for focusing as well as hair support. I put it in my shampoo and a hair spray bottle. Peppermint has helped with everything from tummy discomfort to after workout soreness to flavoring my water and helping me kick soft drinks! If you would like to know more please feel free to email me! I’d love to help you learn more!

  3. Debby

    This is such a timely post since I am an essential oil dabbler and have had questions about the negative experiences with oils. Like what to avoid mixing, or what can cause reactions. Essential oils are often used like medicines so it is good to have an idea if you are using too much or wrong mixtures. I will be checking out your other posts to see if I can learn more. Thanks

    1. Megan Clark Post author

      Hey Debby! EOs definitely should be used with some caution, but they are extremely versatile. I almost always use a carrier oil (coconut, jojoba, grapeseed are examples) to dilute if I feel it needs dilution. If you’re ever interested in learning more, feel free to email me! I’m a part of a few amazing groups that provide endless education and information regarding essential oils and other Young Living products!

  4. Archie

    OMgosh I love essential oils In fact for my birthday I just purchased a set from Doterra which for me I’ve loved over the years. I super love your idea of the nail polish holder!!! I will definitely look into that.. thank you my dear!

    1. Megan Clark Post author

      We love our bedtime rollers! My 1 and 2 year olds pull their shirts up ready to get their “ooofs” lol. I’m thankful I’ve been able to find everything I need to use essential oils in all the different ways possible!

  5. Katie

    I love essential oils, and am also a random buyer! I had no idea there was so much to this! I’m definitely going to try several of these — love the inhalers and the glass roller ball variety!

    1. Megan Clark Post author

      Oh, goodness, yes! There are so many things essential oils are good for and so many ways to incorporate them into your life! Let me know if you want to learn more!


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