{My Fave NEW Way to Make Money from Home!} 4.28.2017

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Sooo, I began this post last night, but my eyes were getting heavy and tired so I had to stop. I am leaving my story up as is, even though it’s the next morning, because it’s just part of life.

{I’ll be honest, this post has two ways it can go right now. Number one, I’m livid upset with my amazingly sarcastic and horrible-with-his-choice-of-words-and-tone-of-voice husband due to him standing in the hallway glancing into the kitchen and asking in his best husband voice, “What’d you do today?” Excuuuuuuse me. What. Did. You. Say?

While I realize that the house is a wreck, dishes remain in the sink, and there are no *folded* clean wash cloths [I mean take ya dang self over to the clothes pile and pick out a stinkin’ wash cloth on. your. own. big boy], he needs to realize I am doing the best I can to keep the house from burning down with the two toddle-monsters that stay home with me all day and then the big boy who is equally as messy as the two Littles put together! Also, we had a baseball game taking up the evening when I usually let him wrangle the boys while I try to figure out what to do with our pigsty.

It does not matter how many times I put away toys, they still remain on the floor. It does not matter how many times I vacuum, there is still dirt and crumbs everywhere. It does not matter how many times I wash all the dang dishes in the sink, it fills back up in five minutes because nobody can keep their friggin cups out to reuse throughout the day! I’m just one person that is responsible for taking care of four more persons who are all pretty much dependent on me. Rant over. Ugh.}

They drive me up the wall but they’re all four a main reason I’m on this journey to make money from home and help provide for these knuckleheads!

Okay, so the second way that this shindig can go is that I tell you my fave new way to make money! Hip Hip Hooray, that’s the choice I’ve made now that I’ve given you a tidbit of a glimpse into our evening last night [post rampaging wife, me, who had to clean the house til my mop broke in half. literally.]

I have recently, like this past weekend, learned about Mystery Shopping! Sayyyy whattt, girlfriend?! Yes. Ma’am. You get paid. To shop. Anonymously.

After reading a Facebook pop-up article over at The Penny Hoarder about saving $1000 in Louisiana, I clicked from blog post to blog post until I struck gold. The writer listed several ways to make money while “working” from home and gave a short list of Mystery Shopping companies. Of course I jumped right on and checked them out!

I’ll go on and tell you, I was quite intimidated at first… well I think I’m still probably in the “at first” stage, but I’ve already completed a few mystery shops through a few different companies and I’m really excited of what’s to come! If nothing else, I’m hoping this will cover childcare for the Littles one day a week.

My husband, the muscle and brains of the family, thinks all my little ventures can be somewhat wasteful, but I am really hopeful of this new adventure! If you know me, you know I am a very quick to jump on board of fun things that could turn to income kinda girl and when I got this bug in my brain about Mystery Shopping I went all out. Like, 8ish new websites added to the homescreen of my phone so I could keep up with all the different opportunities within a 100 mile radius!

The MYSTERY SHOPPING COMPANIES that I chose to explore are :

  • BestMark : You can watch this video to learn more about BestMark.
  • ExpertSOLUTIONS : I have high hopes about this company!
    • They have an outstanding refer-a-friend program! For USA referrals you could make x amount, for Mexico, Canada, India, Puerto Rico you make 5x that number and for Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Spain, and more you could make 10x that referral fee! WOW! This company states that they are always looking for new referrals!
    • Email me at lifewiththeclarks(at)gmail(dot)com for a referral email from me!
  • Market Force : This site has an app for the Apple Store and Google Play! Apps make life so much easier!
    • There is a referral program, if you’d like to be referred by me I would greatly appreciate you shooting me an email at lifewiththeclarks(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll send you the info!
  • FiELDAGENT : This company looks pretty awesome! PLUS it’s got an app that’s compatible with iPhone and Google Play Store!
    • They pay through PayPal and there is no minimum to cash out. This also means you choose when you want to cash out!
  • Second-to-None : This company’s website is formatted to work with your smart phone so the site looks very professional and is easy to use!
  • Sinclair Customer Metrics (SCM) : There are no shops in my area at this moment, but I plan to browse all the zip codes we visit!
  • Intelli-Shop : This is a very easy to use website but you may have to zoom in/out to see all the words!
  • Secret Shopper : There is an app for iPhone and Google Play, which has been very helpful and easy to maneuver on my phone.
  • Survey: This is strictly an app from what I can tell, there is no website. It’s a little different than flat out “Mystery Shopping” where you work independently through the app for other companies, going to stores and being the survey company’s “person” … I’ve not looked much into it, but it looks like you would set up store displays and make sure the right products are labeled properly and priced as they are supposed to be.

What exactly is Mystery Shopping? 

Mystery Shopping in a nutshell is when a company needs honest, anonymous reviews in order to improve their business and will pay you a fee in exchange for your feedback. They will have a price for each “shop” and sometimes will reimburse you up to a certain dollar amount for anything that you are required to purchase.

How Can I Start Mystery Shopping?

Select any of the above website links and browse through their page. You’ll have to sign in with your email, enter your demographics, and possibly take a new shopper quiz or survey. The quiz’s have been easy for me! So far, each page I have been on has been pretty straightforward and if it was hard to maneuver or I couldn’t easily find information then I left that page and went to the next company site. I highly suggest that you read some of the FAQ or reviews the pages offer before deciding to join a company.

Is Mystery Shopping a Scam?

I’m sure there are scam websites, my biggest tidbit of information that I’ve gathered is that it should have a little graphic that mentions the MSPA or the BBB. You should NEVER never NEVER ever have to pay to set up an account or view jobs with a Mystery Shopping company. They pay you, not the other way around! Be aware that you do have to give your SS#, but this is because if you make more than $600 they will send you a 1099.

What Do I have to Do?

Don’t get me wrong, these are “Work From Home” jobs, but you have to be willing to leave your house at times to do most of your “shops.” This way of work makes your schedule as flexible as you want it to be! The best way I’ve figured that I would work “shops” into my schedule, is to only schedule a few per week at the beginning of the week that I know I can commit to by the end of the week. I have a brand new life planner that is perfect for this job! I will write down my deadline date, the company and the website I assigned my shop. I’ll keep up with my planner so I remember what my shop dates are and won’t miss a deadline; missing a deadline can negatively affect your shopper’s score and you possibly could be put on probation from doing more shops or kicked out of their program! Definitely take into account if it’s going to rain! If you don’t want to get out on the town in the rain, definitely don’t schedule a shop for a rainy day!

Why’d I Choose So Many Different Companies?

I chose a bunch of different Mystery Shopping companies because the first one I joined only had 2 or 3 options for my area. Since I want to work my way up to several shops per week, I needed to join more than one in order to have more options. I read through the comments on one blog post and a lady said she was signed up with 40-50 different companies! O.M.G. I don’t know that I’ll ever join more than 10 or so just to keep my options open.

The companies seem to usually pay out around the 20th of the next month. So say I make $100 in April, I will get paid around May 20th. The way I’m looking at it, I need to figure out how much money I want to make the next month and hustle to make that this month. I really like the companies that offer PayPal because PayPal is fast and convenient but like I’ve said before, getting a paper check in the mail is so rewarding sometimes so that doesn’t bother me much! Paid is paid is paid is paid.

Carefully Read the Instructions for Every Shop!

Familiarize yourself with the instructions! If it says do not bring your children or anyone else, you probably should go alone. If it says you need to prepare to take photos, be prepared to take a few snapshots of the required items! If it says to do anything specific, remember those things so that you can complete your shop without having to go back! Also, read the reimbursement fee… if the description states it will cover $5 of a required purchase [you will update a receipt to prove this purchase], they will only cover $5 of that purchase! Don’t go in a shop for a $10 job with a $5 reimbursement and spend $15. Technically, you’d be getting reimbursed for your entire purchase, but no profit would be made. Basic math people. I even did that without a calculator! Ha!

Also, you have to be good at remembering details. This is a big weakness of mine, since I’ve begun losing my brain cells as a stay at home mama. I am looking at being a mystery shopper as a challenge to strengthen my brain back up. The jobs will want specifics, not vague answers, regarding the employees demographics and appearance, cleanliness, the atmosphere, how many employees you notice, how many customers are there, bathrooms, storefront appearance, et cetera, et cetera. The instructions will tell you exactly what you need to look for and you can even look over the questionnaire you’ll have to see what kind of details you need to pay attention to.

I realized this is a perfect job for me because I’m usually taking pictures of my kids and products in the stores to send to my mama and sister anyways. Looking back at some of my shopping trips, I’m pretty sure I looked like a really bad mystery shopper! Especially when I didn’t have any kids with me, circling the store eighteen times, looking at every single item, before checking out! Honestly, I’m sad I didn’t know about this much sooner! Now that I know, I am ready to start scheduling shops all the time! If you see me in public, DO NOT mention mystery shopping {wink wink}. I’ll yell “STRANGER DANGER,” run away fast as I can and embarrass the heck out of you. Sorry not sorry.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever Mystery Shopped or if you have any questions! Xo.

13 thoughts on “{My Fave NEW Way to Make Money from Home!} 4.28.2017

  1. Clint

    Spot on with this write-up, I actually assume this web site needs much more consideration. I’ll in all probability be once more to read far more, thanks for that info.

  2. Tyrell

    You’ll find some exciting points in time in this post but I do not know if I see all of them center to heart. There is certainly some validity but I will take hold opinion until I look into it further. Superior article , thanks and we want much more!

    1. Megan Clark Post author

      Definitely give it a shot! I’ve had a lot of fun so far doing mystery shopping! I completed several shops last week and this week and have been able to use all of the different sites I mentioned. With each site only offering one or two possibilities in my area. Let me know if you try it out!

    1. Megan Clark Post author

      Yes! There are all different kinds! Phone calls, emails, and going in the stores! I have seen where you can go audit a website, but I haven’t really looked into those yet. I like going in the businesses!

  3. Hey Sharonoox

    This sounds so cool. I wish I know some companies here where I could work as secret shoppers. It sounds like something I like to do and earn extra cash. Thanks for sharing the list!

  4. Melissa

    I’ve never tried mystery shopping, but it seems like a fun and easy way to make some money. It doesn’t seem like it’s a get rich quick scheme, but a fun way to get paid to run errands and pick up groceries! I mean if you’re going anways might as well get paid!


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