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Why I chose to start a blog. Well, let’s see, I started thinking about it back when I first saw Mom’s Night Out and it seemed like something outside the box and fun. I related so much to her as a mama with her kids even though I wasn’t fully a stay at home mom (sahm)! Since starting this little shebang, I’ve realized there are TONS of mommy blogs, entrepreneur blogs, financial blogs, craft blogs, you name it and there’s a blog for it! Why would I put myself out there on the World Wide Web with so many bloggers and opinions and people telling others what to do and what they do and all this other stuff I don’t even understand?! I did it because I wanted to do something I’d never done before and I could be proud of myself! It’s more than just writing my feelings and sharing some extra little fun things!


Okay so I know that probably sounded lame, but it is not at all! When I was in high school I was a horrible student. Here I am adulting and taking full responsibility and admitting that I cared too much about doing all kinds of other things besides school. I wanted to party, I wanted to drink, I wanted to stay up too late and sleep during class. My parents figured out what I was doing and they decided to catch me on a bad day, and boyyy did they do just that! [And though I would not want to ever go through that again, I am FOREVER GRATEFUL that my parents put their foot down because I would NOT even be who I am today if they did not!!!] I was 16 years old and I was grounded. B-A-D grounded. Like, they took my bedroom door down and took away all my personal items except clothes and every ounce of privacy I thought I had. Like, take me out of school on a Thursday I told everyone I dropped out but my parents stuck me in a tiny private school, right smack dab in the middle of Fall Semester of 10th or 11th grade [ I remember it was Halloween day if that matters for details, ha]. From there, I passed classes because there were teachers who I swear gave us 8th grade work up until senior year! I had heard from so many people (and even teachers at times) that I wouldn’t amount to anything and I was a failure and a terrible student; I will say here that I also had some really great teachers, too! Good thing I didn’t really care what anyone thought, one way or another. One of the biggest  hot headed smart alecks you’d ever meet, I did end up passing high school in the top 5 out of 6 seniors in my class. But, when I went to college that was a-whole-nother story!


This one’s just too cute not to share! Mr. C was one of my biggest distractions 10 years ago, as you can tell!


The community college I attended has been referenced as “Harvard on the Hill.” Pssssh, I passed high school I thought, I got my big Diploma! I could handle college. WRONG. I took English Comp 1 one, two, three times before I passed. I took Anatomy and Physiology *twice* before I scraped by. How in the world I made it out of those other classes I have NO clue! When time came to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, I just filled out some applications for the medical fields. That is when I got into nursing school. Let’s just say nursing school is not something to take lightly [cue professional counseling, major antidepressants and lots of junk food]. Especially when it’s taken you 2.5 full years to get through the 6 classes [pilates, yoga and computer technology on repeat as easy filler classes] I had to have to get into the nursing program! For the next 5 semesters (yes, 5, I actually failed the semester I had C by FOUR points on my final exam. This was an exam that I took a short two weeks after delivering C) I cried, I boo-hooed, I kicked and screamed on the floor wanting out, I wanted oh so badly to quit because I never felt smart enough or good enough. But I didn’t quit. I put my big girl panties on and trucked right along with everything I learned as clear as mud. <<—-Also proof that if *Megan* can get through nursing school, anybody can.



Megan Clark, RN (Nowhere on my badge does it say I passed with Highest Honors, a B or a C- because I passed and that’s all that matters!)

So you can say that I’m not exactly a whiz at writing or school or anything that ever makes sense or worth anyone reading. What in the world would I have to talk about, anyways?! JK, a lot. If you know me personally, you know I could talk for days! I have started this blog because it helps me feel purposed outside of my family, outside of work. It’s just {me} time! Time that I get to express myself and hope to goodness that I shed light on other mamas who may be going through a tough time or feel like you’re not good enough or that you’re not smart enough to accomplish your dreams or goals! You CAN do it! I CAN do it! I’m not an overachiever but I do like to know that I can do all the things if I put my heart to it. The fact that I have chosen something to do that requires writing of any sort just for the heck of it is enough for me to be proud of myself!! And don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely proud to be Mr. C’s wife and the boy’s mama sometimes I just want to do a tad bit more! So, I’m glad that I’ve already gained followers and I can’t wait to journey along through this with y’all!


It’s amazing how far I’ve come and how far I may go. I’m excited to be on this new road I’m virtually traveling!

Last thing, I’ve had a few people ask how I started this whole thing?! I was on Pinterest and came across some great articles (Making Sense of Cents stood out the most to me) and decided I could make this happen! What you’ll do, though, is if you decide to start your own blog scroll over to my MENU and go down to the BlueHost ad and sign up for your domain/website. You’re purchasing this website so that your page won’t be deleted from virtual outer space. [Sometimes free web companies apparently delete things for no reason] From there, you’ll register for WordPress which is a free account. I haven’t figured out all the bells and whistles yet so be patient as changes are being made! Thanks again for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “My Blog Purpose

  1. GL Croley

    It was a hard road but Thank God for All the Good that came from those days! We are Very Proud of the Student, RN, Wife & Moma you have become!

    1. Megan Clark Post author

      Yes, it was a very ROUGH road to go down! If you and deddy did not do what you did I could and WOULD have been a lot worse off today! I’ll never be thankful enough 🙂


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