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Hey y’all! I hope everyone had a GREAT Monday! I know mine flew by just as quickly as the wind…or even quicker, as fast as these past six years have gone by since I had my firstborn! YES, he will be SIX years old in two days!!! Oh my mama heart just cannot handle it. On this day, six years ago, I was peeling and devouring crawfish for my sister’s high school senior party! My poor pitiful ankles and legs and hands and face were starting to blow up like a balloon and I just was a few days shy of 35 weeks. I can’t believe this time has jumped from then until now, it seems like yesterday I was preparing for his arrival and now we’re making plans for Kindergarten Graduation and I just have to stop talking about it because I’m very likely going to cry. So let’s get on to the real subject of my post.


Two years ago yesterday, pregnant with C!



And now we’re wrapping up Kindergarten!

So it’s Monday. Some call it Man Crush Monday [MCM], some call it Moody Monday, but most often I see it referred to as Motivation Monday. You know what’s so great about it being Motivation Monday? It is the first day of the natural work week meaning it’s a FRESH start to get things done [so sorry for those of you on shift work, 3/2 splits, 5/2 splits, night shift, mommy time, etc…been there, done that, Monday’s are a joke in these cases!] People usually plan according to their “Monday” starting the ball rolling to scoot you on through to Friday afternoon! We set small goals to get done throughout the week, which is great, I think everybody needs goals! My goal for today was laundry, it did not get completely done but there is always Tuesday, Wednesday and so forth.. until the weekend, that time is reserved mostly for my family {as much as I can help it}! As long as everybody has fresh undies then we’re all good.

My original intent was not for this post to be about Monday, but it seems to have been a topic in the back of my head just urging to get out! My original thoughts for this blog on this lovely Monday [it was 75ish degrees, sunny and absolutely gorgeous outside today] was to talk about working at home and being a mama also referred to as WAHM (Work at Home Mama). I’ve noticed lately that about 97.4% of my friends and family are pursuing careers as entrepreneurs and home-based companies. Do you know what I think about that? Well at first I thought it was dumb, but now I think it’s amazing. I will be honest, about two years ago I was so aggravated about the 38.9% of my friends list posting about their MLM {Multi-Level Marketing, NOT the same thing as a Pyramid Scheme} companies they’re a part of and how they’re selling that and making this $$ …}
constantly seeing these posts on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I mean, I didn’t want to see your marketing junk [even though I was 100% guilty for sharing the MLM companies I have tested waters with]. But over the past year and a half to two years, I have grown to realize – it’s the PERFECT opportunity for women!!

The reason it’s such a great opportunity is because in today’s society it’s tough to live on one middle-class income. Trust me, we’ve been there, done that, also! When I became a nurse back in 2011, I thought Mr. C and I would be set for life. He was a {ahem… mighty fine, calendar worthy} deputy sheriff and I was a RN who envisioned having a great job, making a decent income, eating steak and potatoes, you know the things you see “real adults” doing. What I didn’t realize completely was that I’d be working 8-16 hour shifts and missing so much time with my family…my first week working at the nursing home, I had to stay until past midnight for a few nights in a row after getting to work at 8am. NOT IDEAL. Flip-flopping day shift and night shift, work gets draining…absolutely mentally and physically exhausting. I know I’m not the only one in this boat, I know SEVERAL nurse friends who feel this exact way! This is where MLM comes in to play.


Regardless of what I ever do, whatever career path I go down, I will always be proud of this accomplishment!


But, we sure love payday from our “side” job!

If you are on any social media and your social media does not live under a rock, you have heard of Multi-Level Marketing companies. Remember Avon? Mary-Kay? How about Tupperware? Does Pampered Chef ring a bell? These are companies that have been around longer than most of you reading this have probably been alive *myself included.* These companies helped our mamas and aunts and cousins and friends earn an income from home. This is way back when the men brought home the bacon and the women stayed home, but then the women figured out how to stay home and bring the bacon straight to them {oink, oink, cha-ching}! More recently in the MLM world, I know you’ve heard of Young Living Essential Oils, Rodan + Fields, Scentsy, Shaklee, Premier Jewelry, Younique, Perfectly Posh, Plunder, ItWorks, World Ventures, goodness girls the list goes on and on…these are all companies whose founders saw what direct sales could do and they went for it! There is such a broad range of companies {seriously, something for EVERY type of woman} to help women, to EMPOWER WOMEN to make a living—a TRUE income, a real check (or direct deposit) to provide for their families whether it be for a little extra spending money or groceries or a vacation or paying your mortgage! I’m in awe of all my friends who I follow that have pursued their home-based companies especially through social media because I know the struggle of getting people to see the big picture that I see! But look at where you were when you started and look at where you will be if you continue to share what you have to offer through your company! Your BUSINESS! Are you one of those entrepreneurs? Mompreneurs as it’s been changed to lately?!

Well, right about now I am feeling a “YOU GO GIRL” whipping my head back and forth and snapping my fingers like nobody’s business! {I’m pretty sure 9 out of 10 of you just did that in the quiet and probably woke somebody lying next to you by giggling since I just called you out. It’s okay, promise, just shush them back to sleep now.} I just want you to know, I know that life is hard. It’s really tough to make ends meet sometimes. I know that MLM companies can seem sketchy at times or too good to be true, I mean *how can someone make money by posting pictures on social media?* It’s much easier, in my opinion, to post on social media in my pajamas that I’ve been wearing for days than to get my tail up and ready with my three kids and husband 5-7 days a week! Not saying I don’t love my real-life job, because I do {{and if my real-life boss ladies read this know that I love y’all and please don’t think this means I don’t want to come back to work when you need me!}} If you are like me and you love your real-life job, then these are great supplemental income paths you can take…and if you read through this far then you know that I mentioned quite a few up there (I can get you in touch with ladies *myself included* I know personally that are with every single one of those companies I posted about! Ask me in the comments or email me if you’d like more info, I’d be more than happy to lead you in the right direction!) However, these companies are more than sharing/selling a product and making money. These companies are about community and meeting other people, learning how to be successful and growing as a person wherever you stand in life, and that’s what’s the most amazing part!


A prime example of why we like to “work from home!” Wink. Wink.

I absolutely hope that this has been a helpful, MOTIVATIONAL message to somebody! If you are sick and tired of seeing all the posts on your newsfeed about this and that just remember, that may be the ONLY money that woman has to buy groceries that month or to pay the power bill for her family or to get a vacation from real everyday life or buy her baby’s birthday present. We are women who should be encouraging other women to do the best we can at our jobs! I know my jobs, real and freelance, have been a blessing throughout the years! Go now, and support your local mamas and friends and relatives to grow the companies they love! Get out there and do your thing, ladies!

{A little video I can’t let go to waste! Mr. C rarely takes pictures or videos without being asked so it’s a huge deal that he caught this while I wasn’t paying attention! Although I look silly, these are the fun moments I live for with my children! ——>> }

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