{Living in Louisiana} 3.23.2017

Most of y’all know that we now reside in Southwest Louisiana! Home of ping pong size mosquitos and some of the best crawfish you’ll ever get your hands on
as well as summertime-like Winter’s!

Since we moved here on December 28, 2016, we have experienced about five days of “cold” weather, have had three snakes in the back yard, already had a handful of crawfish boils, Mardi Gras, C has lost two teeth with a third loose one, we’ve been to a frog race for the First Graders, C was blessed with yet another amazing teacher, we have found a new church family {Praise Jesus!!} and Mill loves telling that’s “his class” every time we pass by, C has begun baseball, daddy goes fishing a lot, and we’re just doing the best to fit in like we’ve been here forever. If you come to our house to visit, you’ll notice we are already making the place at home with toys and clutter everywhere, a bug zapper hanging in the hallway and bug zapper light bulbs in lamps around the house, and toddler art on some of the walls. Minor details in making each house a home. Well…the bug zapper is just going to be a Louisiana thing, I think!

I’ve learned that when you just throw yourself out there to “fit in” like the locals, the kids adjust better and life just goes more smoothly! You can’t act like an outsider or you’ll feel like an outsider, and if you feel like an outsider you’ll be down and out and ain’t nobody got time for feeling down and out!

We’re now living in a little outskirt town from Lake Charles. Our area is quiet enough to feel like we’re out in the country but close enough to town that we can run to the store in just a few minutes. The house we’re in is almost exactly what I hoped for and imagined moving into after leaving Iowa. I prayed specifically for an open layout with big windows for the boys to look out and goodness did He show out! Sure, there are things that we’d change if we could BUT the fact that
we have windows down to the floor where The Littles can see outside all day long! There’s just enough sunlight and just enough shade… as much as I’m enjoying this new home, I sure do miss our cute little home in Iowa on the corn field. Two months in the Iowa house was not enough time at all! I’ve even mentioned to Albert if he wanted to move back to the MidWest I probably wouldn’t even hesitate…!

The last several months has been a whirlwind so to be semi-settled once again feels kinda nice! The weather has already jumped into the mid 80s and I’ve been able to lay out on the back porch a few times and the kids are doing great especially since we have a fenced in back yard for them to run around, catch lizards and play..always on snake alert! I think their favorite times are going fishing, though!

I’ma talk about my big hunka burnin love just for a quick second! My poor man has to take the hardship of moving because of finances, packing and unpacking, helping me wrestle kids while he’s not at work and then waiting for his call to go back to work. It took about a month before he started work down here just due to being on the list of numbers to call and hire in; he was getting antsy to say the least! But, he started work and Albert is such a GREAT provider for our family and we are extremely blessed to have him as our head of home. Every single morning I wake up with him at 4:15 and get his lunch together and fix his coffee and send him off to work and hit the sheets as soon as he’s out of the driveway. I. Do. Not. Know. How. He. Does. It. To wake up at 4:15 AM every single morning when he doesn’t even have to be at work until 7AM! If we depended on me to provide solely for our family, I don’t think I could ever halfway reach the bar he has set. He goes and works hard all day long in whatever weather condition, hardly complains, and doesn’t return until close to 5:30 PM when I’m scrounging around to get the floors vacuumed and try to get dinner ready like a chicken with my head cut off. I’m just proud of the man my hubs has become and can’t say enough about how great of a daddy and husband he is! He’s such a strong person and I pray our boys grow to be like their daddy.

Anywho, that’s a little of what we’ve been up to lately and to update our family and friends on our lives Once again, we’re thriving and not just surviving so y’all have nothing to worry about! Drop a comment so I’ll know you stopped by! Oh, and in 25 years one of these photos is going to be one great Awkward Family Photo, hahahahaha!

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