Learning From My Mistakes

So, today a similar event happened that I didn’t think would ever repeat itself once Mr. C and I learned our lesson with Thing 1 about 5.5 years ago. Something that reaaaaalllly puts you into perspective about safety and doing what’s absolutely best for your kids. I don’t think it’s best to mention exactly what had happened today so we’ll just skip to what happened to Mr. C and I. I told ya I’d post raw, well here it is here’s as much as I can tell you without calling DHS/CPS on myself.

Thing 1 was the best at expressions!

Thing 1 was the best at expressions! This was probably after we told him we forgot to buckle his seat in. 


Way back in our younger parenting days, me and Mr. C were shopping around town with Thing 1 in his infant carrier. Enjoying the beautiful sunshiny day, we decided to go to a new little store across town about 6 miles from the mall where we had been. We got to the store, as happy as could be to have a bubbly baby that we excitedly showed off to everyone we met, but when we look in the back seat we realize…. he’s not there. JK. [He was there, but that has happened to another family member of mine which could be another story one day.] Ok, where was I now that I’m giggling at the thought of my mama leaving my brother at church…oops, don’t worry though he was older and she can laugh about it now {LOVE you Mama!}. I can’t remember which one of us got the carrier out of the back of the little SUV, it was one of those snap-lock systems that you buckle the base into the seat and the carrier snap-locks into the base… welllll, what had happened was, the BASE was NOT buckled INTO the VEHICLE!! For Lord knows how long?! So our precious baby boy could have been seriously harmed. I mean, so seriously I think Mr. C and me both freaked out and possibly cried and I definitely don’t think we continued shopping. We right then and there vowed to not tell ANYbody what had occurred. Ever. [I think it took about 4 months before we were able to nervously laugh about it and maybe a couple years before we came out and told anybody else.] Point of the story is, make sure your dang child is buckled in properly. Mind you, this is now a 5 year old who will be 6 one week from today that is still in a 5 point harness 75% of the time. His daddy asked me a few weeks ago how long he was going to be riding in that 5 point harness, to which he answered himself (before I could answer him) “probably til he’s 16.” L.O.L.


Almost 6 and a 5 point harness doesn't bother him one bit!

Almost 6 and a 5 point harness doesn’t bother him one bit!

You can teach your child from an early age where the proper placement of the chest clip is. C puts his "at his nickles."

You can teach your child from an early age where the proper placement of the chest clip is. C puts his “at his nickles.”

While I’m talking about things we have to do to protect our kids, let me take a minute to talk about Thing 2 (or “M”). You see, Thing 2 is a solid little mischief maker. I’m sure he is going to follow in the footsteps of the Great Houdini. At a young 15-ish months old he was already ESCAPING like a pro. He is a magnet to open doors, especially. Our back door sometimes does not close unless you turn the knob so it will bounce back open when someone comes in or out and s.o.m.e.b.o.d.y. (Thing 1 more than likely) forgot to make sure that door was shut. On this particular day, he found this open door and ever-so-quietly wisped away… I was making brownies in the kitchen, when I see my little strawberry blonde peeking around the house in the back yard! I think to myself, “Oh, how sweet! Migi has taken M outside to play!” When I see little man bee-bopping around the corner of the house a little further I realize, there is NO Migi with him!! “Oh, Dear Jesus!” is running through my head {this is also when I snap back to “I’M THE MAMA HERE…I’M THE ADULT IN CHARGE…stamp MAMA FAILED on my forehead!!!} Running out the back door yelling, “MIGI!?” Mister Mischeivious takes off running the other direction. Migi, all this time, was in her room looking out the window thinking, “Oh, how sweet, Megan took M outside to play!” My goodness I cannot explain how scary this encounter was. It still brings chills and a knot in my stomach! Let me tell you, though, little M is a mighty fast baby so I’m not saying it didn’t happen again…like at the restaurant we ate at four nights ago. While he was looking at the gumball machines I saw him eyeballing this man walking by and as soon as that man opened the door to leave *ZOOM* there goes Speedy Thing 2 out the door with him [and the man NEVER saw my kid! Right under his feet!!] He made it around the corner of Hunan’s before Albert caught up with him! The kid has some short little legs but boy do they move.

He got a photo shoot after his escape plan was defeated.

He got a photo shoot after his escape plan to the outside world was defeated.



Thankfully, Thing 3 has not had any experiences like his big bros just yet. Oh crap, that’s what I was here to tell you about … Let’s just say that Thing 3 has gotten the short end of the stick being the third baby and all. Six years later and I still don’t have my mess all together. I’m thankful that Jesus forgives, because I have been asking for a LOT of forgiveness lately!

I hope that this post is helpful to any of y’all who have done made some scary uh-ohs, just know that you. are. not. alone. I’m sure I’ll screw up a bunch more before these boys get out of my house, plus they are Mr. C’s their parent’s children so they’ve got it coming one way or another!

Sweet little brothers

Sweet little brothers



Always make sure your child is in a properly fitting seat! Here’s M trying out his new seat last year.

Moral of the story: Seriously make sure your kids are buckled in <age/weight/height/maturity appropriate>. If you are curious [which you should be if you have young children] about car seat safety & guidelines please look here. Another great resource is The Car Seat Lady, she has a great site with lots of answers regarding all things car seats. I take full responsibility for my irresponsible actions and I praise Jesus that they continue being happy & healthy! Let’s work together to keep our babies safe & secure! 

2 thoughts on “Learning From My Mistakes

  1. Patty

    I myself, made a car seat boo-boo just the other day!? As I pulled into our driveway the other day, I put my car in park, pushed the button to turn it off, unbuckled my seat belt and then turned around to unbuckle both babies cars seats [as I usually do]. I then noticed that although Kinslee was still in her seat, she wasn’t buckled in it. I looked at Allie and asked her if she had unbuckle her, to which she quickly replied, “No ma’am!” I then said in my most “oh my goodness voice”, “DID I FORGET TO BUCKLE HER IN?!?! And Kinslee looked at me with the biggest smile on her face and replied, “YEP”! The store in which we drove home from was literally 1 mile from our house but I still felt LIKE THE WORST MOM EVER and a million ‘what ifs’ ran through my head! I had never done that before!! Lord forbid I didn’t buckle my first 2 in quick enough, they were screaming, YOU FORGOT TO BUCKLE ME, YOU FORGOT TO BUCKLE ME, way before I could ever dream of putting the car in gear! Kinslee though, she’s one of a kind and by far the most challenging child at the moment!
    May God bless Us BOTH on this crazy, IMPERFECT journey in Motherhood! Miss you!

    1. Megan Clark Post author

      Oh my goodness!! You’re one of my mommy inspirations, so to know you make these maternal errors also makes me feel better! Hahaha! Love yall and miss yall!


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