{I’m Baaaackkkk!} 3.1.2017

Hey Hey Hey! Hope y’all had a Happy Mardi Gras!!! I hope everybody has been doing lovely. I have really missed being a mommy blogger, but sometimes life throws crazy curve balls and they hit ya in the face and … well, you are supposed to get that “walk” to first, but sometimes you just get knocked out and can’t take that walk. Ha! That’s where I am picking up now. Megan’s back up again!

Since I started my blog at LifeWithTheClarks dot com, I have really come to the realization that I’m absolutely terrible at keeping up with things… special blogs included! Paying for stuff is NOT my fav, especially a web page that is going to cost a big ole chunk of change and won’t bring in much revenue. That’s where this comes in… I’m hoping and crossing my fingers that this blogger page will be more cost effective for my need to blog as a hobby. Plus, I’m hoping this one is easier to manage and maneuver through than the other one I was on… it was kind of confusing on how to get things going and I had to re-learn every single time. Super frustrating.

Now that we’re once again “settled in” [whatever that means] I hope to get back up and finish some posts I’ve been writing up in the memory book of my brain. My parenting library is filling up at a rapid pace and I’d love to share what’s been going on with The Clark’s.

So far since May 2016, we have had a Kindergarten Graduation in Mississippi, mid-June daddy-o moved to Iowa — 18 hours away — daddy-o then moved the rest of us on 4th of July weekend into the camperhood with him also just a few days after my sweet niece was born, then the harsh winter of the Midwest was threatening the horizon so we moved from the camperhood to a rental house — for less than TWO months — THEN we traveled back to Mississippi from Iowa hours before a snowpocalypse, visited for Christmas and finished our trek to good ole Southwest Louisiana just in time for New Years Eve fireworks!

The past 3 months have been an absolute whirlwind, but we’ve come out thriving and NOT just surviving and for that I’m pretty dang proud of our family! Through the ups and downs and numerous other circumstances, we are stronger than ever and LOVING it! Yeah, I know we still argue and bicker, but what family doesn’t?! It just causes us to have to kiss and make up more often.

I hope yall are ready to jump back on this crazy train and help keep me in line with my bloggin! Let me know if there’s anything you want to see or hear about or learn about with our travels, parenting, essential oils, recipes, etc! Are ya ready for this?!

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