{If I Knew Then What I Know Now} 3.24.2017

Since I had the two Littles, I haven’t worked outside the home hardly at all. I have piddled here and there doing things online and selling clothes on the buy-sell-trades, but nothing has ever been consistent. This “If I Knew Then What I Know Now” is going to pertain to my dreams for my finances, makin’ money, side hustlin’ and bringing home the bacon. Not the fact that I wish I knew how to be a better person, wife and mother several years ago, this is more of a recent eye-opening experience.

Of course, my Young Living Essential Oils biz has been pretty good to me, but it has really only been for personal benefit rather than income. If you’d like to learn more about how I am a small business owner through Young Living just go take a peep here. This is the only source of income that I’ve actually claimed as income besides working very part time with my favorite Ob/Gyn ever after our Number 3 was born in December 2015 and I barely worked there up until June 2016.

When we moved to the great Midwestern state of Iowa in July of last year, I was itching for income but could not figure out how to do it! I was lost and confused and needed to feel a sense of purpose rather than keeping tiny people alive and fed and wiping booties all the live long day. My husband worked extremely long and strenuous hours and made more income than we had ever thought we’d see, but my need to help provide was fierce.

I have to be completely honest here AND this is NOT a post about MLM, but I have toyed around with so many different MLM companies just to find my passion and I’m so glad that I have finally found something I love. Nearly ten years ago, I signed up to be an Avon representative which hardly lasted a few months. I have also tinkered with Pampered Chef, Rodan+Fields, and World Ventures just to name a few. Sometimes busy mama’s have to try a bunch of different categories until we find our perfect fit! Nothing to be ashamed of, in my opinion.

So many people don’t like Multi-Level Marketing because they think it’s the “Pyramid Scheme” but that is not the case at all! Pyramid Schemes are literally passing money around for the benefit of those at the top and there is no merchandise or product involved. That is not at all what I do or am interested in doing. The GREAT thing about MLM is that stay at home mama’s and wives and college students and really anybody that wants to stay home and work can do it! If you stay persistent, you will reap benefits. I have seen this first hand, however, this is not the only revenue I’d like to be bringing in every month and my MLM biz is not the point of this post.

Through reading and researching blog after blog and Pinterest search after Pinterest search, I have decided to open up several different avenues of income from online selling to affiliate marketing to selling all our junk that’s piling up in corners of the house to scanning receipts from my grocery trips on Ibotta to shopping online to online surveys like SwagBucks and Survey Junkie [both tried and true by ME!] to considering freelance proofreading {Yes! That’s a thing!!}

They say the average millionaire has SEVEN different sources of income! WOW! I definitely don’t plan on becoming a millionaire {this is me “reverse-psychology’ing” my future HA} nor do I think I’ll ever have 2/7 of their sources of income but what a difference it will make to have $10-$100 bucks randomly but consistently coming in from multiple channels rather than just one per month. There’s the prime example of the expression “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!”

I have decided to do things different in this odd year and get my ball rolling.. yet again! Blogging is a major source of opportunities and leaving my comfort zone as I will offer many different topics that I use and do on a daily basis. I hope that I don’t give up again on this dream of being a Mommy Blogger and that I pursue it with a passion like never before. I now have a vision of one day bringing my hubs home on the weekends, then maybe for longer vacation weeks, maybe more holidays, maybe full time? The possibilities are endless, even though I don’t think either of us are ready to be “full time spouses” all day erryday, so that’ll probably remain a vision of the very distant future. So we’ll just call this Operation Let’s
Work on Financial Freedom through Several Avenues! Lolz. That sounds like a great slogan to put on my bathroom mirror, don’t you think? This photo just shows how much daddy-O loves coming home to his boys, I would love for him to be home more often with us!

If I knew then what I know now… I shoulda coulda woulda stuck with this ONE YEAR ago because, y’all, there is absolutely no telling where I would be sitting right this minute from an income standpoint. Y’all, don’t go giving up on your dreams! Don’t give up on your potential! If you desire for something to happen in your life that you think could be a good thing, then pray on it and give those thoughts to the Lord so that He can help guide you … goodness, I’m over here preaching to the choir!

Rabbit trail … I’ve been doing the bible study of Priscilla Shirer’s, “Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize when God Speaks” and man is it opening up my heart to hear Jesus speak to me?! Things I have been anxious over for months now are somehow fading and lightening up in the exact areas they need to be. I’m truly amazed at how I can be at peace about something that left constant butterflies in my stomach over the last few weeks! If you have a chance, definitely check out that workbook.

Sooo back to the right trail, if you want to do something big you need to give it over to God, don’t listen to what everybody and their mama has to say about it to you, and if you get the go-ahead from the Big Man then GO and don’t look back due to your earthly discomforts! Keep the vision of what you hope to see in the

My best friend and my biggest supporter!

future. Don’t give up! Just keep going. Whatever you decide to do or whatever has been picking at your heart strings, just know that it isn’t going to happen over night or even over a few weeks or months. But, somebody somewhere wants to know what you have to say, promise. If you made it this far I’m so proud of you! Thank you for supporting me during this re-kick-booty-start of a journey I’m taking, I really appreciate the love!

Hashtag Operation Let’s Work on Financial Freedom through Several Avenues — has begun!

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