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I’m just really getting started with this whole “taking my blog seriously” deal so everything is still a big jumbled up mess. One thing that is starting to bother me is that every post is “Uncategorized” because I have not set up categories to sort everything out. Since I plan to boost my posting in the upcoming months, I really should get a hold on the categories situation and file everything away where it belongs. Figuring all these “easy” steps out has been a challenge for this blog-illiterate brain of mine. I have zero clue what I’m doing and have to Google or search Pinterest for every single thing. Here’s my stab at how to organize posts … hopefully in a simple step-by-step way! {PS, I have not even started figuring this out yet .. my plan is to write down steps as I go! Yay!}

Step ONE

Look on the left hand side and select “Posts” then select “Categories.”

Step TWO

Type in the category name.

{I’m not sure exactly what “Slugs” are and I’m not sure I’m going to put a description just yet, but I’m sure if you’d like your followers to know exactly what that category will hold then you could put a description.}

You can also add sub-category if you’d like! For example, for my DIY folder I may decide to do “DIY Health & Beauty” and “DIY Crafts” and “DIY Cleaning Supplies” because those are three different subcategories I have drafts typed up for.


Scroll down and click “Add New Category.”


Repeat steps 1 – 3 until you have your categories. I suggest you start by just adding the categories for posts you have already written.


Click on “All Posts” under your Posts tab.

Step SIX

For NEW posts that have not yet been published, scroll down a little bit and look on the right hand menu. You’ll see the “Categories” box and will be able to select which category you want that post published under, UN-select “Uncategorized.”


Since you’re probably like me and have a bunch of “Uncategorized” posts that don’t have a home but just show up wherever, you’ll want to click on “Quick Edit,” Look a little to the right and select the category you’d like the post to be under, UNclick “Uncategorized” so that it doesn’t remain in that group, then “Update.”


In order to get your Categories to show up on your home page, you’ll now go to the left hand menu and scroll down to “Appearance” then “Widgets.”


On the Available Widgets menu, choose “Categories” and drag it wherever you’d like your categories to show up on your Home Page menu.

Step TEN

Choose a name for your Categories tab… I left mine as “Categories” until I can come up with something cutesy that I like. I also removed my “Recent Posts” widget because everything looked a little cluttered. I may put it back up after a few days to see what I think of the change. Even the minor little details start to matter at some point, right?!

{Whew! That was much easier than I was expecting it to be! Even though everything is now categorized, I am positive I missed some important stuff and that will probably just come over time. WordPress is a revolving door of learning, so I hope you follow me for more tips in the future! I hope this was helpful for some of you newer bloggers like myself. Y’all have a great day!}

8 thoughts on “{How to Categorize Posts}

  1. Bre Paulson

    Great tips about getting your blog posts better organized! I always struggle with what is too many categories vs not enough, but I suppose that’s what tags are for 🙂

    1. Megan Clark Post author

      See, and I haven’t even figured out what the tags are or what they’re for or how to make things a tab! Lol. Definitely still in newbie phase!


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