{Expanding Our Family’s Business} 6.29.2017

For over three years and some months I have had the privilege of learning along with an amazing group of women who are passionate with me about our families, our bodies, our health and the health of others around us. After several attempts of “working” my biz as a Young Living Distributor, I have decided to put more into it than just Facebook or Instagram posts every few days.

My heart has wanted so long to be a “business builder” but I felt like I didn’t have the time, money, knowledge, resources, space… blah blah all the other excuses in the world! I was a full time nurse, a part time nurse, sometimes a part time nurse at two jobs PLUS being a full time mama.. not to mention I’ve been a TRAVELING full time stay at home mama and wife for the past year this month. I had every single opportunity to share my love for essential oils to every single person I met, but I chose to wait… wait, wait, wait. Let me tell you, growth doesn’t exactly happen if you’re steadily waiting. Waiting on what exactly? I guess for God to drop people in my downline. Who really knows, I didn’t have a good vision or a plan. But now I do!

None of this should have ever been a problem, I mean, have you seen the Compensation Plan?! Young Living has the best Comp Plan from any Network Marketing company I have ever seen. I literally know women who are making Silver and Gold and Platinum and Diamond incomes! I literally am praying LIFE over my business to be a Royal Crown Diamond one day. I am a Royal Crown Diamond.

On top of the amazing income possibilities, YL is the real deal! This company gives their members and customers the absolute best that they can give. They do not cut corners and they do not offer products that do not pass every single one of their tests for quality! Check out Seed to Seal to see if you need to see more on our process for providing the best.

Our sweet tribe of women has some incredible leaders and nearly every single one of them that is booming in their business are the ones who jump in fearlessly soon after purchasing their wholesale membership and starter kit. They have all the excuses I had but they are working. They want to make their money back on their kit number one and they want the endless possibilities to come true for their families number two.

Like I said, I started using Young Living DAILY over three years ago, and while my team has over 30 members on it, I regret not taking myself a step further and working harder to have twice or triple that number. I often wonder where I would be today if I had pushed myself instead of be lazy and sitting back making excuses.

Now that my pity party of not being where I want to be is over, I am jumping up in full semo wrestler mode and about to tackle this biz! I literally have a GamePlan like what Sarah Harnisch wrote about, I have a physical team of entrepreneur ladies, mamas, wives, teachers, nurses that are all working together and cheering each other on! Ps, this could be you!!

First things first, my “Why” has changed a bit. I always wanted to get our health under control and our sleep habits on point, my hormones in check and have a brighter smile, but now my “Why” has taken a turn. I want financial stability on top of the health. Not just a side gig that is paying for my mamavan note and groceries and sports, but a real work-at-home-mom job that speaks volumes in our bank account.

I am 28 years old and Mr. Clark is 32 years old and it pains me to see him wearing down. He is an extremely hard worker and he is a provider and he works to provide the best for us all on his own and I want so badly to go up to him and take that back pack with cinder blocks off of his back and say, “Husband. Rest. Let’s take a break. We can do that now. You can rest. We can rest.” Wow. I didn’t realize I’d get emotional over this post, but geeze louise I’m over here with big ole alligator tears welling up in my eyes.

This is modern day America, it’s hard enough having a one income family then cut those paychecks in half with 3 growing boys to feed and imagine the stress that comes. Stress is beating us with a baseball bat some weeks and hurricane season hasn’t even started. On top of all of that, the job he does is dangerous. Hello Stress Away EO Blend from all angles in life!

My plans have changed, my motive has changed, my inspiration is intensifying! I want legacy income for my kids, I want residual income for weeks or months we want to take a break and go to the mountains or beach, I want to not stress if we’ll have enough money for things, I want to buy a home, I want to give more to our missionary friends and church, Albert and I both want to do mission trips, I want to sponsor more angels on the Angel Tree at Christmastime, and adopt grandparents at nursing homes and give better gifts to our family. I want to go on more date nights with my hubs and take the boys fishing! Man, the waterworks for typing out my hearts desires is really flowing… and today’s sunny outside!

I understand 100% if you’re not ready to take a leap of faith into this Essential Oil world. I will not shun you or think any less of you if you don’t approve of what I do or think that it is real.

Let me tell you though, if you want to rid your home of harsh chemicals and cancer causing agents, support your hormones, set your kids up for healthy hormones as adults, give your body a break from all the environmental agents that are causing discomforts and constant tiredness and weight problems and sniffles and respiratory problems and joint problems … LET. ME. HELP. YOU. I will work with you to figure out what you need to get your health on the right track!

I’m a registered nurse for goodness sake, I have seen BOTH sides of the health spectrum!! Total opposite ends. I have seen the upsides and downsides to medications and essential oils for numerous issues. I am so ready to get this journey power-boosted like in Super Mario Kart where your hit jewels and it makes you go 5x faster! Haha. Let’s do this, y’all! It is not too late for you to start your own Young Living Business, too! Now with clean makeup and all your household cleaners and numerous dietary supplements and your hygiene products ON TOP OF ESSENTIAL OILS, Young Living can be your one stop shop for all but the groceries!

I literally just started Monique McLean’s 21 Days of Prayer on YouTube and so starting NOW, I’m giving God my business. I *just* wrote Give God Control in my planner as I write out important dates for my next two months and I come across this image in our team’s leaders group. I’m giving it all to Him. I ask you, if you aren’t ready for any of this but you are a believer of the Power of Prayer, please Pray for my family and our business!

I’m going to wrap this up by asking you to check out my personal Young Living website here! If you aren’t ready to become a wholesale member, I’d be more than grateful for you to purchase individual products for retail from my family’s business! Xo.

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