DIY Deodorant

Today was “make a new batch of deodorant day!!” Lucky for y’all I decided to video myself making my homemade deodorant! I talk a little about it during my video but I’ll go ahead and let you read about why I chose to use homemade deodorant.

Number one, it’s chemical free, meaning toxin free, meaning safer for my body. (Just FYI, even some of “natural deodorants” have aluminum and other chemicals in them.)
Number two, it’s pretty inexpensive as most of the items used are usually already in my kitchen.
Number three, I don’t stink like a sweaty teenage boy after two-a-days in the middle of a Mississippi summer!
Number four, if one of my kids [the toddler.] decided to take a bite, I don’t have to worry as much about if he ate an actual deodorant bar.

I read several blogs about DIY Deodorant Recipes back when I began using it (in the video I think I say 1.5 years ago, but M was born 11/2014 and I think I started about 2/2015, just to clarify that!) and chose these simple ingredients and realized that was all it took! If you ever look at the label on deodorant you will see it is filled with wayyy more than just 3 basic ingredients! Some of those could potentially be harmful to your health, even though there is no conclusive evidence and the studies appear old, that’s not a risk I want to take.


The list of ingredients is pretty simple:
-1/4 cup Coconut Oil (I buy the big container at Sam’s Club for about $15, the link is not the exact one I used today but I have purchased that brand in the past.)
-1/4 cup Baking Soda
-1/4 cup Corn Starch
-Essential Oils of choice (I use Young Living Essential Oils. They stand firmly with their Seed to Seal process and I trust this brand 100%. Do your research before purchasing EO’s, you get what you pay for!) (Also, you do not have to use EO’s if you would like an unscented deodorant.)
-Glass jar or bowl to store

First, I liquify the coconut oil in a glass bowl/jar, setting it in hot water in the jar works…this is not a step that you have to do if your coconut oil is soft at room temperature, you’ll just have to mix it a little bit longer. Second, I add the corn starch and baking soda. Once it’s a creamy, icing consistency, I put in my drops of EO’s. I use 8-10 drops of both Purification and Lavender, 3-5 drops of Tea Tree. Once I’m done mixing, I put the jar in the fridge to let the coconut oil harden back up and then I put it by my sink to use every day! [Yes, I use my fingers to give my pits a quick massage every morning, it’s totally worth it, and I do rinse my hands afterwards.]

Purification is a blend of six oils that are commonly used for “cleansing.” Lavender is commonly used for “skin irritations” but is also great for “balancing and relaxing.” Tea Tree, aka Melaleuca alternifolia, is used for “cleansing,” and it is also part of the Purification blend but I like to add a little extra because Tea Tree calms my mind about catching yucky things.

A FUN FACT ABOUT MEGAN, I realized that my arm pits are super soft but when I was further into my pregnancy with O my armpits turned a dark color. So dirty people in my family were like ,”Woah, wait, lift your arm up again!?” Thinking I had dirt all up under my arms! Apparently that’s something common with pregnancy, do a quick Google search and see for yourself! Once I had O, the color went back to normal about 4 weeks postpartum so I know it was not deodorant related!

I hope y’all enjoyed the post and find it helpful! This was my first video tutorial of any sort so please understand the nerve I had to work up to do it! Ha! And one more thing, I apologize about the quality of my photos?! I don’t understand the need of an expensive camera if my cracked up Galaxy takes better photos. Blah. Now, y’all go freshen your pits with this new recipe you learned tonight!

*ETA* Technical difficulties are making it difficult for me to get my video uploaded! BOO! I’m going to continue working on this and hopefully have it fixed soon!! Sorry!!

YouTube solved my video problem 🙂 Watch “DIY Deodorant” on YouTube —>> Watch “DIY Deodorant” HERE!

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