Big News to Come {11.8.2017}

Woah nelly look at me blogging twice in a week!

I have some really fun and exciting stuff going on in my life right now and although I want to share it with all of the world, I really want to hold off just a tad bit longer.

Just a couple days ago I announced that my Mister and I are expecting on the Book… oops we did it again! HA! After three boys, you’d think we would be super tired and exhausted and unable to procreate, but guess not!?

We are headed home to visit family this weekend for an early Thanksgiving and I’m throwing in Miller’s third birthday so he can feel loved and have everybody sing Happy Birthday to You and make him feel special … then we have something else really special planned! BUT that’s what I can’t talk about.

What’s super funny to me is that none of my family or friends follow my blog, from what I’m aware of, so all this news will be coming out here and unless they read it then they just might miss out! I don’t know what the deal is, but I guess not many people are that into blogs? Just my circle? Who knows.

As these weeks move forward, I really hope to grow my blog following so maybe some of them will see this!? I mean, what else did I really start Life With The Clarks for? We shall see!

I am just so excited I’m busting at the seams, kinda like my Oliver in this picture.

Ohhh, and I finally got a heat press a few weeks back so I’m on a onesie and t-shirt creating frenzy! That helps me stay busy when the Littles are minding during the day. They actually let me sit in the room and craft while they play together. My heart has been so full these last few weeks with them actually enjoying having a playmate that they can be imaginative with and not just fight over all the toys.

Tomorrow morning I’ll visit with my doctor for our biweekly appointments. I found out early on I had a complete placenta previa causing some bleeding issues so that is being followed closely. If y’all can say some prayers for me I’d really be grateful. Also, I’m hoping to start doing my hair and makeup a little bit more consistently so I can actually include pictures in my posts.

One last thing, if you see any great deals on diapers let me know in the comments! I am going to need some discounts, especially if the two toddlers I’ve got now decide to never potty train!

Have a great Wednesday!

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