7.19.2016 {Playing Catch-Up}

Sooo, let me first off apologize for abandoning ship back in May {that was mostly an apology to myself for abandoning my own page}. I started the blog with a spark I’d never experienced, I wrote a few truly heartfelt posts, then I quit. Why? Who really knows; I wish I could answer the question. I really do, however, think it was a bit of insecurity in writing … maybe a tad postpartum blues making me think what I wrote wasn’t going to mean anything and I wasn’t going to help anyone … it quite possibly could have been the fact that in the back of my mind I was focused on how I always quit and don’t finish what I start. Anyways, I hope I’m past that hurdle and can jump back on the blogwagon.


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Let’s just play catch-up on the past two months! C graduated from Kindergarten! That was a huge, HUGE accomplishment for the entire family [especially looking back at how great he did in school compared to how he’s doing with schoolwork now.] Then, exactly two days later from graduation Mr. C was laid off from his job. We were 100% expecting, even praying, for a layoff AFTER C finished school {heyyy, Jesus waited on that for us}. That’s when our decisions had to go into all-out planning-at-least-six-months-ahead mode.


For about two weeks, we weighed the option of purchasing a camper or trying to find a furnished rental wherever we decided to land our feet. We had only three options for work locations which included East Texas, Louisiana and Iowa and we needed to make the best decision for our family as a whole {The Clark 5, that is}.


To be honest, at first I wanted to go back to Texas. The campground [if we had decided to get a camper] was very homey and had a pool and a playground and the Kemah Boardwalk was nearby, plus it was only 9 hours away. Then, Louisiana was my next choice because it was only four hours from home and I needed to be ready to hit the road when my baby sister went into labor with her firstborn {something I could not miss} and we were familiar with the Baton Rouge area from living there last year. Iowa, though. Thoughts of Iowa raced through my mind and I couldn’t help but picture waves of corn fields and whatever else the northern state and the 18 hours between us had to offer.


Last summer, when we moved into the Value Place of Baton Rouge after putting our entire home in storage in the middle of Louisiana and were waiting for an official transfer of jobs for Mr. C [to Texas or Iowa], I wanted to go North so badly. A week into the one bed, no couch hotel stay with a five year old and a 6 month old, I found out I was expecting. As soon as the 88 cent pregnancy test from The Walmarts turned positive my mind was made — we were not going to Iowa… we were going “home.” To Mississippi, that is. Quickly, I estimated my due date based off of the ONLY cycle I had marked down in my daily planner that was supposed to make life so much easier and calculated that I was due right at Christmas. There was no way on earth that I was going to Iowa and be stuck in a blizzard at CHRISTMAS with no family around and deliver our third baby alone while the hubs kept the other boys. No way. So, we moved in with the parentals and baby bro and Mr. C went to Texas [then home for delivery of O, then to Iowa for a month, then to Kemper for a few months, then back to … ]

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Sitting here writing this, I’m thinking how crazy of a roller-coaster our life has been in the past two years. February 2014 started this whirlwind of two new babies, six different job locations, five different living arrangements, separation of our family due to work, illnesses, just so many things have happened and I’m proud of my husband and I for sticking through it all.


Back to the story, now… we finally decided on our big living arrangement! We found a great little bunk house travel trailer at a local camper dealership in town. The boys would have to share a room, but both sides of their room had a slide which expanded for lots of play space. That was the one! It was brand new but last years model so we got a pretty good deal. We signed papers, brought it to my parents house to check it out and start loading it up, and two days later the hubs started his journey NORTH! I’m not for sure on the date, but it was early June that he started working in Iowa for the second time. Me and the kids stayed back in Mississippi continuing our crazy life and awaiting the arrival of my precious new niece which we thought was never going to happen! Mr. C was able to catch a flight from Iowa to town on the Friday of 4th of July weekend and we started our new adventure as a complete family on Saturday after enjoying dinner and fireworks.


On that July 2nd Saturday, we drove from 9 o’clock at night until about 2:30 in the morning and made it to either Arkansas or Missouri, I honestly can’t even remember now. When we woke up a few hours later on Sunday, we went to St. Louis and explored a few blocks in the city where we saw and walked around the Arch, the beautiful and historic Old Courthouse and a  Cardinals game was being played at the time so there was lots of excitement throughout the city even in the middle of the pouring rain! We continued our drive and made it about an hour from Kansas City and stayed the night. {I will be honest, I had a big mama meltdown on that day. Driving for several hours straight on a little bit of sleep made for some cranky Clark’s and I unfortunately was the ringleader. I was very ugly to my family, but thankfully my family is more forgiving than I am and they still love me.} In Kansas City, we were able to enjoy the area we were in without the usual clutter of traffic that I’m sure they have [there were several buildings and parking lots that were mostly bare] because it was a holiday. We were able to enjoy the aquarium and Lego Land and a fancy little shopping mall with a delicious food court. There was a WWI Monument we saw, too. At some point on our trip [according to my photo gallery it was before St. Louis] we found a charming winery called Cave Wine [Mr. C Googled if there was really a cave and photos showed that there was so we had to check it out!] They had their own vineyard and tasty wine and we were able to explore a huge cave at the bottom of a paved walkway. The boys LOVED that part!






Finally, we pulled off on an exit next to the Winnavegas Hotel and our humble travel trailer awaited our arrival tucked away in a little campground surrounded by fields of soy beans (?), a gas station and a laundromat/bar/grill combo. We had arrived home. Life with the Clarks had begun again!


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