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The #1 Monthly Subscription Box!

Hey there ladies and gents! I’m here today to tell you about the #1 Monthly Subscription Box that ever existed. This is better than Amazon Prime + the Dollar Shave Club, which come in second and third in my opinion.

Yes, it is undoubtedly at the top of the list and if anyone thinks it should not be then you need to do a little more research please ma’am and sir!

As you all should know by now I’m a momtreprenuer [Lindsay Teague Moreno says a Momtreprenuer is a mom who’s raising kids and raising a business AT THE SAME TIME!] with Young Living, which is my passion. If you haven’t already heard, Young Living introduced a whole lot of amazing new products at their Grand Convention last month!

My company now offers an entire line of toxin free mineral makeup called Savvy Minerals, a baby line named Seedlings {how presh?!}, Insect Repellent, Mineral SunScreen Lotion, a gorgeous new Desert Mist Diffuser, Calming Bath Bombs, 3-in-1 Men’s Body Wash, and new supplements. On top of already having laundry detergent, all the things you’d need in the bathroom minus towels, toilet paper and toothbrushes, dish detergents, shampoo and conditioner, the most relaxing sleepy time essential oils and blends, NingXia Red the powerhouse immune boosting energizing drink, NingXia Nitro the all-natural 5-hour energy shot, pancake mix and syrup… goodness, I’m not sure you’d need to buy many more items at the grocery store!

I know you’re wondering “where are you going with this, Megan?”

I’ll tell you where I’m going! I’m going to tell you that ANY and ALL of the products mentioned above plus hundreds more products can be added to your 100% customizable Monthly Subscription Box or Monthly Wellness Box … Essential Rewards!

Essential Rewards is the ONLY monthly subscription that will give you amazing perks and gifts each and every month you’re enrolled such as :

  • Minimum set at 50pv which is basically $50 in product value; $15 a week on the things you’d be buying every month anyways
  • Capability to switch out harmful and yuck-filled products you use on the daily
  • Special discounted pricing on shipping
  • Exclusive Loyalty Gifts every 3 months you’re enrolled for the first year
  • Reward Points from 10% up to 25% after each monthly auto purchase
  • Hand-selected promotional gifts every month for placing 100pv up to 300+pv orders
  • Risk Free, meaning if it doesn’t work out for you then you may cancel it without penalty
  • You have COMPLETE FREEDOM to change your order AND the order date it processes every month!!!

    Tell me… PLEASE tell me, what’s not to love about this monthly subscription box?! Mix & Matching at its finest! 

    I know you’re now thinking “how can I get signed up for this awesome monthly wellness box, Megan?”

    I’d be delighted to tell you! Once you decide that you are ready for amazing life-changing products in your life, you’ll go to this link and you’ll sign up as a wholesale member. Once you sign up as a wholesale member, you’ll Opt In for Essential Rewards at checkout. You’ll then check out, and I’ll get an email saying that I have an amazing new friend that decided to take a huge step of faith in joining me on my Young Living journey and we’ll chat a little and I’ll answer questions for you and we’ll get you added to our tribe of top-notch women on Facebook and you’ll be so happy that you chose Young Living to change your life! 

    I’m going to go on and let you in on a huge secret… you HAVE to utilize your Young Living products DAILY in order to reap the benefits. Let me say it a little simpler. You will NOT see changes in your life unless you use the products every day. You just won’t. I promise you that this is not some way for me to say, “hey, buy this crap because I want to be the top seller of crap.” This is NOT CRAP! I’ve had people tell me that our product is junk. Shoot, my own husband didn’t really come around until recently and now he’s seeing that this stuff really does work. Once the husband’s are on board you know it’s the real deal. I mean, look at what he just challenged me to this evening! 20 new friends is what he believes I can do in my business this month alone!

    If essential oils are junk then why were they used in biblical times? Why have people used plants and aromatherapy for hundreds of years? Why are “essential oils” listed on nearly every single “natural” product you find on the shelves? Don’t buy those, they’re more than likely synthetic or like my most recent find  a “natural dish soap” it’ll be loaded with DMDM-HYDANTOIN AKA formaldehyde. 

    D. Gary Young has been perfecting his practice for over 20 years now, they’re the furthest thing from junk with additives and fillers!

    Why do we drink horrible crap-filled energy drinks and eat from fast food restaurants that are hit or miss for giving us diarrhea and wash our hands with soap that gives us achy and swollen joints and get our Doctorate of Google to self-diagnose every disease in the book on the daily, but WON’T GIVE PLANTS A CHANCE?! I’ll never understand. 

    I used to be that girl. I even bought junk oils from some random website that sent me some glass bottles with taped on labels with NO SEAL on the cap and I used that mess on my body!! Had I lost my mind?! I think so. But then I found Young Living and after a lot of MindWise, I think I’m finally regaining my brain power to know better.

    My family has incorporated Young Living’s products into our daily lives and our monthly shipment is catering to our needs. My children sleep through the night in their own beds, my hair/nails/skin are more healthy than ever, my teeth are brighter, our clothes are not filled with hormone disrupting – brain fogging – sneeze inducing chemicals that we get when using big brand detergent and dryer sheets!!

    Our lives have been changing over the course of the past few years and where I was seeing Essential Rewards as another “bill” just a few months ago, I’m now realizing it’s not a bill because it is giving me everything I need to care for my husband and our boys. Essential Rewards is the #1 Subscription Box and the number one way to get products into your home that are going to bless your socks off!

    On top of the goodness of Essential Rewards, look at the Compensation Plan and Income Disclosure Statement for Young Living. Our company absolutely is an all-around lifestyle company and they strive to please their customers and distributors! Next, I’m hoping for a gardening line to be released for keeping my plants alive, el oh el.

    Seriously though, zoom in on that income disclosure statement. I have never seen anything like it! 

    If you decide to trust me as your sponsor with Young Living, I would be more than happy! I might even do some back flips! Jk, I’d break multiple bones or go meet Jesus and I’m not quite to Legacy Income for my boys just yet.

    Comment here or email me at lifewiththeclarks@gmail if you’d like to learn more! Or go check out my personal website to see all the options for becoming a member! Let’s Do This!!

    Bonus points for you if you cannon ball off the diving board without testing the water, first!

     [The images on this blog are from YL’s Flickr, and two of my upline teams Essential Families & Crave the Essentials … extremely talented ladies in the groups thank the Lord!] 

    Yall have a great night! Xo.